Joseline Hernandez Filed Court Documents To Keep Stevie J Away From Their Daughter As The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Stars Battle Over Their Unborn Baby

It seems like all Joseline Hernandez wanted all along was for Stevie J to admit that their unborn daughter is his. Now that Stevie has done as much, Joseline is back to her old ways, making sure to keep her former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta lover away from herself and their child. Now the battle is on because Stevie wants to be there when baby Bonnie Bella is born and Joseline says no way is he going to be in the delivery room.

Stevie J revealed earlier in the week that he filed documents with the court asking that he be allowed in the delivery room when Joseline gives birth. According to Bossip, Joseline filed some court documents of her own in a bid to keep Stevie J away.

“Petitioner shows that her medical professional’s opinion is that it is not in the best interest of the birthing process for respondent to attend due to the emotional and mental stress it would cause petitioner while giving birth,” the paperwork states.

“She is giving birth to her first child and will be under great physical and mental strain during the delivery. Her relationship with respondent has become overwhelmingly stressful due to his conduct.”

If Stevie were to be in the delivery room when Joseline has baby Bonnie Bella, things really could get ugly. It might be best if he waits until after the baby is born to meet the newest member of his brood.

Stevie has another request that he’s trying to force on Joseline after their baby is born. He was adamant that he wanted both Joseline and the baby drug tested because Stevie believes that Joseline has been drinking and doing drugs during her pregnancy.

Joseline responded by offering up the results of her own drug tests. Naturally, she passed multiple tests or she wouldn’t have released the information herself. Stevie J says that isn’t good enough, though, and he wants Joseline tested by a medical professional. To make things even more accurate, he says he wants his baby’s poop tested once she is born because that will tell more clearly if Joseline has been partying hard during this pregnancy.

“Respondent has witnessed petitioner ingesting illegal drugs during the course of their relationship, specifically cocaine,” read court documents that Stevie J filed prior to Joseline trying to keep him out of the delivery room.

Stevie has also complained at the legal level about Joseline’s threats to never let him see his daughter. She has reportedly texted him that threat on multiple occasions. She also made a very public threat to him about keeping their daughter away on social media and a lot of people saw it. There’s really no denying that Joseline Hernandez has told her former fake husband that she was going to keep their child away and that could play into the court’s decision about custody and visitation.

It was also learned this week that Mimi Faust plans to keep her daughter Eva away from Joseline and her daughter Bonnie Bella. After Joseline accused Stevie of molesting Eva, which was in the same social media post where she threatened to not let him see her daughter, Mimi decided that she had gone way too far and now she would just keep Eva away from that mess.

One thing is for sure in all this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta drama is that cameras are rolling. They will certainly at the hospital for the birth of Joseline Hernandez’s baby because she’s shooting the delivery special. Hopefully, they will catch the drama between Joseline and Stevie because even if he is banned from the delivery room, there’s a great chance he’ll still be at the hospital. Joseline is due on January 9, which is coming up fast.

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