Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job Rumors As Plastic Surgeon Experts Weigh In

Kylie Jenner has the internet talking about her breasts again. The starlet’s latest series of photos on Instagram has everyone talking because she looks bustier than ever. Kylie has denied the boob job rumors over the year, citing her period, Hollywood tape, weight gain, and Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” bras as the reason for her changing breasts.

Earlier this week, the 19-year-old posted a series of photos of herself wearing various tight turtlenecks and crop tops. It must be part of Jenner’s winter wardrobe. She started things off with this photo of her wearing a mustard color turtleneck crop top and high-waisted underwear that sat high on her hips.

Then she followed up with these photos of herself wearing a leopard-print turtleneck and sticking out her chest, according to These very photos made fans speculate whether she undergone breast augmentation surgery to get a bigger cup size.

Back in August, Kylie took to her website and app to deny the boob job rumors, according to the Daily Mail. She claims that her weight gain has contributed to her fuller bust size.

“No people – I haven’t gotten breast implants,” she said. “Everyone is obsessed with that. Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I’ve definitely filled out.”

Meanwhile, plastic surgeon experts are weighing in about Jenner’s breasts. According to Hollywood Life, Dr. Anthony Youn believes the young star has implants. America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon told the gossip blog that he’s not convinced by her constant denials.

“It’s not just Kylie’s lips that have undergone an enhancement. Her breasts appear to have gone from a conservative B to a full D. I suspect that she’s had a recent breast augmentation, giving her breasts that proportionately rival her famous lips.”

The plastic surgeon expert also weighed in on the possible work Jenner may have had done.

“In my opinion, they are a bit large for her frame,” Dr. Youn said. “But I’m sure she is happy with them.”

Meanwhile, Mark Norfolk, Clinical Director at Transform, spoke to the Daily Mail Online about Jenner’s photos. He doesn’t believe that Jenner’s weight could have contributed to her breast size.

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“Looking at the recent images of Kylie, it would appear that she has had a recent breast augmentation. Considering Kylie’s weight hasn’t fluctuated hugely over the last year it is unusual that her breast size would increase so dramatically and in my professional opinion, I don’t believe that this increase in size is down to hormones as she is claiming.”

“Kylie also looks to be around a petite size 8 so her breasts don’t seem naturally in proportion with her dress size,” Dr. Norfolk continued. “However, without seeing her in person, it’s hard to say for certain and as we are unable to see the outlines of Kylie’s breast there is a chance the increase in breast size could be down to a good bra.”

The reality star has previously denied the plastic surgery rumors, according to Us Weekly. So far, she has only getting temporary lip fillers done at 17, which means a parent had to sign off on them.

“I had temporary lip fillers, it’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do,” she revealed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians last year.

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Back in September 2015, Kylie took to her new website and app to reveal that she wears push-up bras to make her breasts appear larger. She also said that her famous sisters also swear by the particular bra she wears.

“I don’t share this with a lot of people, but everyone thinks I’ve gotten breast augmentation recently, but I haven’t,” Jenner said at the time. “I just use the Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret [bra]. It’s life-changing. I’ve gotten all my sisters on it and all my friends.”

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