‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Spoilers Reveal Rey’s First Test As Luke Skywalker’s Padawan

Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has hit theaters, fans are beginning to turn their attention toward the production of Star Wars: Episode 8, the sequel to The Force Awakens, and hoping for an inkling as to what the plot will be about. Picking up directly after the events of The Force Awakens, at least one aspect of Episode VIII will revolve around Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) discovery of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). It has recently been revealed that Rey won’t just step into the role of padawan learner to Skywalker’s Jedi master. Much like Luke’s journey in the original Star Wars trilogy, Episode VIII will present Rey with some unique challenges before she even begins her lessons.

Star Wars: Episode VIII Pits Rey Against Typically Adorable Yet Formidable Creatures

Star Wars Episode 8, Rey, Daisy Ridley
‘Star Wars Episode 8’ forces Rey to prove herself. [Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]

BGR reports that, as Star Wars: Episode 8 picks up on Ahch-To with the first meeting between Luke Skywalker and Rey, things don’t go as simply as Rey (or Star Wars fans) might expect. Resembling Luke’s first meeting with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, Rey will find that Ahch-To will present its own challenges to the Daisy Ridley character, forcing her to prove her mettle, before she can even complete her mission.

In that vein, Episode VIII will introduce a new species of alien. Remember the Ewoks? Well, instead of introducing a mammal-based creature, the next Star Wars installment will present a mass of creatures based on the puffin, pelagic seabirds, crossed with the 80’s Furby toy, for a cute yet fierce society of creatures who do not suffer visitors to Ahch-To lightly.

The creatures, unnamed as of yet, are only 15 inches tall, but determined to protect their island from outsiders. Luke was forced to prove himself to these creature, upon first arriving on Ahch-To, just as Rey will be forced to do in Episode VIII.

As Rey begins her training with Skywalker, she finds herself forced to a battle a large sea monster and the defeat of that monster is what eventually sways the hearts of these Star Wars puffins and compels them to accept Ridley’s character as a friend.

Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s Daughter, Will Make A Bigger Debut In Star Wars: Episode VIII

The Force Awakens, Billie Lourd
Billie Lourd reprises her ‘The Force Awakens,’ role for ‘Episode VIII.’ [Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]

Only the most diligent Star Wars fans will remember Billie Lourd (Scream Queens) for her appearance in The Force Awakens. She only had one brief line in that film, but, as Inverse reports, Ms. Lourd will play a much larger part when she returns in Episode VIII. Lourd, who is Fisher’s daughter, has a minimal line and until now, it seemed Billie’s part in the Star Wars franchise was over.

“General, are you seeing this?” Billie asks Carrie’s Leia, during a scene at the rebel alliance’s base.

Now, Billie reveals that she’s back for Star Wars: Episode 8 and that her character, Lt. Connix, will be seen in a more prominent light.

“Lt. Connix is back. You might not know her name, but should now,” says Lourd, hinting that her Star Wars career is about to explode.

In the hopes of enticing fan interest and drawing more attention to her character for Episode VIII, Lourd says she’s been trying to coin a few phrases of her own, centered around her Connix character.

“Hooked on Connix, Connix-Con” are just a few of the phrases Billie has come up with to brand her new character.

Ms. Lourd also revealed that she’s new to Star Wars, since she was never really a fan growing up. While that may come as a surprise to many Star Wars fans, Billie Lourd has a very practical reason for having avoided Star Wars up to this point in her life.

“I don’t know if you guys would want to see your mom in a metal bikini,” Lourd said, “but it’s kind of scary as a child.”

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

[Featured Image by Disney/Lucasfilm]