Nick Cannon Hospital Update: Comedic Actor Will Spend Christmas In Hospital

Nick Cannon’s hospital stay is going to extend through Christmas Day, making this year’s holiday season probably one of the worst for the comedic actor and host.

The host of America’s Got Talent was recently brought to a hospital to be treated for complications brought about by lupus nephritis.

Cannon, 36, told his fans about his whereabouts on Instagram and he explained that his condition will not permit him to leave the hospital anytime soon.

“For all who have been trying to contact me the last few days this is where I’ve been,” he said. “And I will be in the Hospital through Christmas.”

Nick Cannon’s hospital stay throughout Christmas Day may not be cheerful for some of the star’s fans, but the comedic actor who starred in Drumline and Shall We Dance? is keeping his spirits up.

Despite being stuck in the hospital while the rest of the world is enjoying the Christmas holidays with their families, Cannon was able to spend time with his two kids before he went in for treatment.

According to Huffington Post, earlier posts on Instagram showed that Cannon was able to spend time with Monroe and Moroccan, his twin kids with singer Mariah Carey.

In one of his Instagram posts, he helped his children put up a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday season. In another post, he spent a day with his kids at Lego Land, which made him one of the happiest fathers this holiday season.

The extension of Nick Cannon’s hospital stay came about due to complications of lupus nephritis.

According to an earlier report by CNN, the AGT host was diagnosed with this mysterious disease as early as 2012, which attacked his kidneys forcing Nick Cannon’s hospital stay to take longer than usual and the host had to give up some of his previous gigs.

When he was diagnosed with lupus, Cannon had to step away from his morning radio show back in 2012, as advised by his doctors.

According to the Lupus Foundation, Cannon’s disease causes inflammation in the kidneys making it difficult for the body to remove waste from the blood and/or control the amount of fluid going through it.

Lupus nephritis is said to be more prevalent amongst African-Americans than Caucasians, and doctors believe that genes have a lot to do with it.

Cannon’s disease can also be life-threatening, as it can develop to an end-stage renal disease for most men.

But despite the alarming condition Nick Cannon is currently in, doctors have something positive to say about his condition.

Nick Cannon hospital stay extended
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According to medical experts, people suffering from lupus nephritis can live normal lives as long as they get proper medical treatment consistently.

As for Cannon, not only is he getting the best treatment for someone with this kind of disease, but he’s also religiously monitoring everything that goes into his body.

He said that he “can’t have any fast food anymore.”

Medical experts say that people with kidney disease should monitor their salt and protein intake, which are both high content in fast food meals.

Despite the odds, Cannon is confident that his condition will improve very soon and he even said that his stay at the hospital won’t last long.

In a Nick Cannon hospital update, the host of AGT reassured his fans that he will be out before the new year comes, with plenty of time to celebrate the last few days of 2016.

For now though, Nick Cannon’s hospital stay will extend through Christmas.

But don’t expect the America’s Got Talent host to feel bad because he seems thankful that he got to spend some time with his kids right before Christmas Day.

Nick Cannon hospital update says he will be out before New Year
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