March 11, 2017
White House Believes There Is A 'Deep State' Working Against President Trump

For some time there has been a lot of leaks with big information getting out of the White House, and now it seems that the Trump administration does believe there is a "deep state" actively working against the President. For some time now, a lot of information has been coming out about the Trump administration. Whether it was ties to Russia or some sort of controversial thing happening in the White House, the media heard about it through various leaks that have sometimes included audio.

Obviously, the Trump administration does not want anything they're doing to leave the White House or whatever meeting room they happen to be part of at the time. This makes sense for any administration, not just for Trump's. Many have been considering the idea that there might be some sort of force that is actively trying to disrupt the White House and bring down the Trump administration before they truly get going. To be fair to these people, they have exposed major material.

However, due to the leaks getting out and major news coming from them...the White House seems sure something is going on. Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed this recently with the press on Friday. According to a report from CNN, Spicer suggested that the Trump administration is being undermined by government employees. He was asked about a "deep state" from a reporter and whether or not he believes it exists in the U.S government, Spicer would say the following.

Sean Spicer
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"Well, I think that there's no question when you have eight years of one party in office that there are people who stay in government who are affiliated with, joined, and continue to espouse the agenda of the previous administration.So I don't think it should come as any surprise that there are people that burrowed into government during eight years of the last administration, and may have believed in that agenda and what to continue to seek it. I don't think that should come as a surprise to anyone."
Spicer was asked if any sort of top intelligence officials "have a presidential mandate to seek these people out and fire them or purge them from the government?" The Press Secretary would respond by saying,"That's not part of the CIA's mandate under any circumstances."

Up to a point, Spicer is right. Without any sort of issue hurting the nation, the CIA nor any other intelligence area of the United States would investigate things.

However, if the President orders it, then they most likely would have to do so. Of course, with Spicer saying this it must mean that there is not enough proof to warrant such an investigation. This is why he was asked about a presidential mandate directly from Trump. Without Trump pushing for this, it is unlikely they feel things can be proven. Of course, Trump did just order an investigation into a wiretapping scandal claiming Barack Obama was behind it with no proof either. With that said, Trump could most likely push for this here too.

The New York Times even spoke on the wiretapping on Monday and linked it to possible paranoia in the Trump administration due to the deep state ideology being spoken of.

"President Trump's allegations that former President Barack Obama tapped his phone and his assertions that the bureaucracy is leaking secrets to discredit him are the latest signs of a White House preoccupation with a 'deep state' working to thwart the Trump presidency."
Trump Obama
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Deep states have existed all over the world for years. You can go back centuries to see this play out in places like the Roman Empire where people would actively try to undermine the current Caesar or Emperor. The hope was that people would see the leader's worst parts and push for his removal. Sometimes wars broke out due to things like this playing out.

One of the most popular historic deep states revolved around Napoleon Bonaparte, as he was beloved by many within France who wanted him to rule. This was in spite of his first exile from the country. Eventually Napoleon would die in exile from the place he called home, but would have a key role in some government ways and know the goings on at all times seemingly.

Deep states, many of which you could find throughout the years in places like Rome or Egypt are said to be networks of people that work in the shadows within the government and work to undermine and even push for officials to see the errors of the man in charge. This has often pushed for leaders to be murdered or at the very least removed from government. Could a deep state be in the United States government affecting the Trump administration? It's always possible.

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