Rob Kardashian Seeks Tyga’s Advice On How To Handle ‘Argumentative’ Blac Chyna After ‘KUWTK’ Breakup Fight

Rob Kardashian is desperately trying to keep his relationship with Blac Chyna going for as long as possible, but according to reports, the former stripper isn’t making things easy, causing Rob to reach out to Tyga for some additional help.

Hollywood Life alleges that Rob Kardashian feels most comfortable asking Tyga for advice since the rapper was in a relationship with Chyna for well over two years before moving on with Kylie Jenner. The couple even shares a 4-year-old son together named King Cairo.

A source for the outlet reveals that Tyga is quite familiar with the problems that Rob Kardashian has been telling him about as of late, alleging that the “Rack City” hitmaker had similar issues with Chyna when they were together, which consequently led to their split.

Rob Kardashian Seeks Tyga's Advice How To Handle 'Argumentative' Blac Chyna After 'KUWTK' Breakup Fight
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Over the weekend, E! Online claimed that Blac went bizarre on Kardashian and reportedly assaulted him following yet another heated argument. The fight had to be stopped by Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, who pulled the 28-year-old away from Kardashian, who seemed shellshocked by his fiancee’s actions.

It consequently led to Blac moving out of the home she shares with Rob and vowing to never come back, as seen on her official Instagram page. But things have changed in the last couple of days, and sources are now saying that Rob Kardashian is ready to reconcile.

Should the twosome end up getting back together, Rob needs some serious advice on how to handle Blac when she gets agitated to the point where she becomes physical. The sock designer knows that Tyga is the only person that understands his situation, and while the duo were never friends beforehand, their issues with Chyna is beginning to bring them much closer.

“Rob Kardashian reached out to Tyga recently, begging T to help him deal with and understand Chyna,” a source tells the outlet. “Tyga told Rob flat out to go and buy himself the biggest and loudest set of Beats By Dr. Dre headphones so he can have some soothing music to listen to when Chyna goes off on one of her hour-long rants.”

Tyga has reportedly told Rob Kardashian that if he wants to make the relationship work, he has to compromise to Blac’s needs — even when she gets argumentative and wants to get physical. In no way should Rob put up with abuse, but if he allows her to rant and throw tantrums, it’s better for him to let her do that than to retaliate, as it’s only going to lead to a nasty fight.

Rob Kardashian Seeks Tyga's Advice How To Handle 'Argumentative' Blac Chyna After 'KUWTK' Breakup Fight
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The source continued by stressing that Tyga is trying to give Rob Kardashian all the assurance in the world that he can make the romance last with Chyna, but he’ll have to be strong and able to turn the other cheek when things aren’t looking too good on some days.

Instead of instigating an argument with Blac, Kardashian must avoid any feuds to prevent himself from being a victim in his own home.

“They both got a good laugh [but] in all seriousness, Tyga suggested that he just listen to Chyna and agree with whatever she says, nod his head yes when she’s yelling, and under no circumstances is he to try to win an argument with her. Nobody wins an argument with Chyna! She nags and goes on and on and on like Teyana Taylor did in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family.”

News of Rob Kardashian’s decision to reach out to Tyga for some much-needed advice comes in the midst of the revelation that Blac Chyna has not been invited to the forthcoming Kardashian Christmas dinner later this week.

The family has grown tired of Chyna and her chaotic relationship with Rob Kardashian — so much so that they have decided not to involve her in their family gathering with close pals.

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