Martin Shkreli Leaks Song From Lil Wayne Album ‘Tha Carter V’ On Periscope

Martin Shkreli may have obtained a copy of the officially unreleased Lil Wayne album Tha Carter V. After teasing Twitter about the acquisition, Shkreli told his followers that he would debut the music on Periscope once enough people were watching. It turns out that album was the long-awaited collection of new tracks by Lil Wayne, but the rapper doesn’t seem to have given permission to the controversial businessman to share it. Well Shkreli shared at least one of the songs and now everyone wants to know how he got his hands on it

TMZ claims that Lil Wayne is pretty upset about the album leak and has launched his own investigation, trying to figure out who in his camp may have given the music to Martin Shkreli. His fans don’t seem nearly as upset because they’ve been waiting to hear Tha Carter V since it was originally slated for release in October, 2014.

Martin Shkreli teased on Twitter on Thursday that he was working on acquiring a new rap album. He even said it would be a much bigger deal than the music he bought from Wu-Tang Clan and he may be right. The problem is, Lil Wayne doesn’t seem on-board with the sale. Was Birdman behind the release of Lil Wayne’s music into the hands of Shkreli?

It’s pretty obvious that Martin Shkreli is really excited about the music he bought today. He even tweeted that he was going to make it available on Periscope once his views hit 5,000. When he had the required number of live viewers, Shkreli played a song that was assumed to be from Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V album. It’s not known what the name of the track was, but Shkreli proudly told his viewers that the song is about him.

“When you’re as handsome, good looking, smart and wealthy as me, things like this just fall into your lap,” Shkreli said as he streamed live on Periscope. “Your boy just bought it.”

According to the report, Birdman says he doesn’t even have a copy of Tha Carter V to leak to anyone, and Lil Wayne says he had nothing to do with the leak. Lil Wayne and his former mentor and collaborator Birdman have been beefing for over two years over Birdman’s refusal to let Lil Wayne release his album. Unfortunately, because Wayne is under contract with Birdman’s Cash Money Records, he can’t just release the music himself.

Martin Shkreli could very likely be hit with a lawsuit by Cash Money Records because, technically, that music belongs to them. If they didn’t sell it to Shkreli, it doesn’t really matter who did because they didn’t have the right to do it. Is it possible that Lil Wayne shopped the tracks to the “pharma bro”? Wayne has a history of money problems and without his music getting to the people, he can’t rectify that situation. Not to mention that Lil Wayne has been desperate to get Tha Carter V released for the last two years and even sued Birdman over his refusal to release the album. So far, there is no word on how much Shkreli paid for the instant Lil Wayne classic.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]