March 11, 2017
Celine Dion Is Back With An Amazing New 'Beauty And The Beast' Song!

Celine Dion is back, and she's brought with her an amazing new addition to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack!

As Us Weekly reported, the Canadian songstress, 48, lends her incredible vocal talents to the new tune, "How Does a Moment Last Forever." "Moment" was written by Alan Menken, and will play over the closing credits when Beauty and the Beast hits American theaters next week. Check her out in the video below!

This is, of course, not Celine Dion's first trip to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. Way back in 1991, when the original Disney animated classic first hit theaters, Celine teamed up with Peabo Bryson to provide the vocals on the radio edit of the show's theme song (as you know, Disney animated movies often include the theme song performed by two cast members from the movie, and then a "radio edit" featuring more popular, bigger-name performers),

Celine and Peabo's radio edit of the Beauty and the Beast theme song was one of the biggest hits of the 90's: the song reached to top of the Billboard charts and even went on to win an Oscar award for Best Song.

This time around, the radio edit of the Beauty and the Beast theme song will be handled - expertly - by Ariana Grande and John Legend.

Meanwhile, as for "Moment," it's not exclusively Celine's song. As E! Online reports, Emma Watson also sings just a bit of the song during the movie proper.

"How Does A Moment Last Forever" brings a triumphant return to the pop charts for Celine, who has been through a lot, and then some, over the last couple of years. In January 2016, her husband and manager, René Angélil, died of throat cancer. Since that time, she hasn't recorded any albums in English. She did, however, record a French-language album, Encore un soir ("One More Night") in August 2016.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Celine explained that she thought long and hard about returning to recording in English for Beauty and the Beast.

"It took me a moment to think, 'Should I do that again? Why should I?' I was a little scared because I did it, why would I do that again? I asked my husband, meditated, asking, 'You have to help me to make my decision. Should I do it or should I not?' He says, 'You have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain,' and to make a long story short, I'm here tonight because I'm in love with him, I'm still in love with the Beast. You never judge a book by its cover. The Beast is very intimidating; he's a wonderful man. I wish I could dance with him again."
Meanwhile, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast could be on pace to shatter box office records for this time of year. As The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, a controversial gay scene isn't likely to change that. If pre-ticket sales on Fandango are any indication, that record is going to be shattered come Opening Day. As of this writing, Beauty and the Beast has already passed Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory in advance ticket sales; Captain America had $179 million in advance sales before opening weekend, and Finding Dory had $135 million in advance ticket sales.

Beauty and the Beast, with Celine Dion singing "How Does A Moment Last Forever" over the closing credits, opens in American theaters on March 17.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]