March 11, 2017
Angelina Jolie: How Brad Pitt Divorce Will Weaken Chances To Adopt Children

Angelina Jolie is reportedly planning to adopt more children.

The actress, who is currently caught up in a nasty divorce battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt, has made it known that expanding her family is something that's definitely in the works for her — regardless of whether she has a man by her side or not.

According to Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie has been thinking about the idea of adopting more kids for quite some time; it most certainly wasn't a sudden decision from the Tomb Raider star.

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A source reveals that Angelina loves caring for her children, and despite going through one of the biggest divorces in Hollywood, Jolie strongly believes that bringing more children into her life is the right move forward — especially with all the resources she has at hand.

"Angelina is going to continue to adopt kids in the future," a source explains. "She feels that it certainly makes a difference. With her current children getting older and the resources she has to accommodate that, it will only be a matter of time before she expands her brood."

The adoption process has proven itself to be quite challenging, even for celebrities, at times. Angelina Jolie's biggest worry is the potential chance that her divorce and custody drama with Brad Pitt could affect her chances to expand her family.

Jolie is aware that there are significant background checks done to make sure that the adopted child is placed in a loving environment, under the care of people who are stable enough to raise the infant.

Given how things have turned out for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as of late, it is apparent that the twosome have been battling their differences between one another long before the divorce papers were filed in September.

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Allegations concerning Brad Pitt's supposed substance and alcohol abuse played a part in Angelina's sudden decision to end her marriage to the actor, as revealed by TMZ.

The claim regarding Brad's questionable behavior around his children while allegedly battling a substance problem would be enough to weaken Angelina Jolie's chances to adopt another child.

"She would like to clear up everything with Brad before going through with it," the insider adds, noting how the adoption process could be quite the struggle for Angelina Jolie if she doesn't finalize her divorce and custody drama beforehand.

"But if the divorce process takes longer to complete, she's OK with moving forward with adopting. Whenever it feels right, really," the source concludes telling the outlet, insinuating that Angelina Jolie would even go ahead with adoption plans amid her divorce and custody battle.

It has been previously said that Angelina Jolie's divorce to Brad Pitt could potentially cost the ex-couple close to $10 million, adding that with both stars fighting for custodial rights over their children, the twosome is headed for an excruciating time in court.

Back in December, it was claimed that Angelina Jolie was unwilling to change her mind regarding her plans to fight for full custody of their six children. Having allegedly used her camp in portraying Brad to be anything but a devoted father has definitely left quite the impression on fans, who have since sided with Pitt.

The "12 Years A Slave" star, via his rep, revealed at the time that fabricated accusations stemming from Angelina's team are inaccurate and a clear attempt to sabotage Pitt's public image. It was further stressed that Brad loves his kids unconditionally, The Sun mentions, which is why he won't be backing down from the battle he's bound to face in court against Angelina Jolie.

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