‘Vikings’ Spoilers: Is Ragnar’s Next Stop Valhalla?

This past week’s episode of Vikings had a shocking death that no one could predict, although everyone should have seen coming. Aslaug is dead, killed at the hands of Lagertha, who shot her in the back with a bow and arrow. (Hello, symbolism!) But the latest Vikings spoilers suggest that this is far from the last death we will see on the show. In fact, the latest Vikings spoilers suggest that the slaughter of our fan favorites is just beginning!

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Vikings spoilers.

According to Entertainment Tonight‘s latest round of Vikings spoilers, Alyssa Sutherland, who played Aslaug, said that the audience should have seen her character’s death coming. After all, Sutherland said, Aslaug wasn’t exactly a saint, and she would have to answer for her betrayal sooner or later.

“I kind of love that whole scene for her. You sign onto any show, you know that you could go at any point. You don’t know how long they’re going to keep you [or] how long storylines are going to go. All you really hope for is that if you’re going to go, you get to go out with a bang, and I was so thrilled when I read that scene.”

And according to the latest Vikings spoilers from the International Business Times, Ragnar and Ivar will bond more than ever before, and this is even more proof that Ragnar is doomed to meet his fate in the coming episodes.

Even though Ivar and Ragnar will be bonding on a personal level as they try to conquer the Saxons, Ragnar has already made provisions for his death; specifically, that King Ecbert is to turn him over to King Aelle. This move is just as good for Ecbert as it is for Ragnar. Now, not only will Ragnar die on his own terms, but Ecbert will get to unify England under his crown. When Ragnar’s sons get to England to avenge their father’s death, they will kill the man who killed their father, and that man is King Aelle. This leaves Ecbert free to rule the kingdom as he pleases without having to answer to Aelle.

“Ivar will finally get the time and love that he longed for from his father. Unfortunately, it will not last long. Ragnar has already planned his death and he wants to leave the power in Ivar’s hands. He will spend more time with him to prepare him for the future events. Perhaps, the father-son duo will also spend some time bonding and sharing memories.”

Finally, according to The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest round of Vikings spoilers, the coming episodes will see Lagertha really emerge as a queen. The Hollywood Reporter also spoke to Alyssa Sutherland after Aslaug’s demise, and she told the outlet to consider her character’s death, not as the end to a “cat-fight,” but as the end to her rule of Kattegat.

Further, she told the outlet that the Seer did predict that a woman would rule Kattegat, and it didn’t make sense that the woman in question would be Aslaug.

” I would prefer to think of it not as a woman against woman, “You stole my husband” thing, but as a, “You’re not good enough to lead this town.” I don’t love speaking for other people’s characters, but I also think Lagertha’s after her own control and power now. I would like to think of it that way.”

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