Santa Trackers: Keep An Eye On Santa Claus On Christmas 2016 With NORAD, Google, And More

In just hours, Santa Claus is going to start his tremendous journey around the globe to visit the homes of all the children. Children have to be aware that they must be resting snug in their beds for him to visit their home late on Christmas Eve or early on Christmas morning, but how can they be prepared? Unlike the past where kids just had to get in bed, the Internet has developed Santa Trackers such as NORAD, Google, Microsoft, and others to prepare kids for when he will arrive at their home.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been keeping track of the man in the red suit for more than six decades and they have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Santa Trackers are becoming hugely popular and more are popping up each season, but the good folks at NORAD have it down to a science.

As of this writing and according to NORAD, Santa Claus is prepared to begin his annual journey in a little over 12 hours. It all begins at 2:01 a.m. EST on Dec. 24, 2016. By 6 a.m. EST, phone calls and emails can be place to get better details on our friendly present-giver.

Here are the options for using NORAD’s Santa Tracker for Christmas 2016:

  • NORAD’s official website
  • Email
  • Call 1-877-HI-NORAD (446-6723)
  • There are also mobile apps for Android, Windows Phones, and iOs.

That email address will allow you to receive live updates on Santa Claus and always know where he is located around the world.

NORAD is far from the only way to keep tabs on the big man, though. There are other Santa Trackers out there and some are with you on the go. Windows Phone users can ask Cortana for Santa Claus’ location while those with OnStar in their vehicles can use it to find out where he currently is gifting.

Now, not everyone is going to deal with Santa Trackers in the same way or with the same time-frame. As Google shows, their Santa Tracker is set to begin everything in a little over 15 hours from this writing, and there are some fun games to play and other things to experience while you wait.

Throughout the month of December, children and adults have been able to play different games and watch videos to learn more about Santa Claus and his journey. On Christmas Eve, you can hop on their Santa Tracker and keep pace with him throughout the entire

Now, there is another one which may not be as well known, but it has been around for a quarter of a century. Santa Update is another of the great Santa Trackers out there, and its official site has the reindeer currently take a nap and gearing up for the big run…err, flight.

There is a lot of important information on this site with why their Santa Tracker is better, the important “Elves of the North Pole,” and even a Kringle Radio Broadcast Team. There are some details into how they track Santa Claus and make sure everyone knows where he is at all times on Christmas Eve.

Kids around the world are not all in the same time zone, and that means he has a tight schedule and an interesting one. So, if you want to know who he is visiting first and when he’ll get to you, make sure to take advantage of these Santa Trackers now and especially on Christmas Eve.

Santa Trackers are the wave of the future and they are only getting more detailed and intricate every single year. Families can gather together to see where Santa Claus has been, where he’s heading later, and when he will arrive at their home. NORAD and others give children and parents the chance to enjoy another Christmas tradition and 2016 is coming to a close so it is time to start seeing where he and his reindeer will fly to next.

[Featured Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]