‘RHOA’ Star Sheree Whitfield Claims Her Neighbors Are Racist And Kenya Moore Is Not A ‘Girls Girl’

Sheree Whitfield knows how to throw a party. Unfortunately, her recent Chateau Sheree celebration landed her in court and on probation. What did the Real Housewives of Atlanta star have to say about her day in court?

During an interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Whitfield dished on her recent court appearance and believes the entire incident was “blown out of proportion.” Whitfield threw the housewarming party after her new mansion was completed and made sure camera crews were on hand to catch all the drama.

“I feel like it was definitely blown out of proportion,” she said about the whole ordeal.

Whitfield explained how there was a media frenzy in the courtroom and that people were actually taking her picture and recording while she walked up to see the judge.

“They gave me probation as well, for something that’s not even a… this is a code violation, is what they are calling it, so why would I have probation?” she explained. “They had people in the courtroom who were driving with no license. They did not get probation.”

Whitfield claims she was fined for not obtaining a permit to film for a party she hosted at her home. According to Reality Tea, Whitfield was also fined because she wasn’t supposed to live inside the mansion until she filed a Certificate of Occupancy.

Whitfield returned to ‘RHOA’ full-time in Season 9. [Image by Bravo]

However, during her interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Whitfield blamed her snooty neighbors for the fine and called them racist. Her neighbors apparently complained that people were parking on lawns and there were bright lights for the production. She received a $1,000 fine for the violation.

“I don’t know if they are pissed off at a little black girl that gonna move into their neighborhood and build a home that’s bigger than some of theirs and their just pissed off for whatever reason. I totally don’t think it was fair… I was really not happy with my city that I live in,” Whitfield concluded.

Sheree Whitfield also told The Domenick Nati Show about her ongoing feud with Kenya Moore. Unsure why Moore doesn’t like her, Whitfield called out her co-star for being a rude person.

“For some reason I think she does have an issue. I don’t have an issue with her but she seems to be pretty bothered by me… I know she’s pretty rude, she’s just not a nice person. Maybe she’s just not a girls girl… or a boys girl.”

Of course, Whitfield has other things to worry about than her ongoing feud with Moore. According to Us Magazine, Whitfield’s son was arrested for a DUI on the latest episode of RHOA.

Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield have been feuding for years over their competing mansions. [Image by Bravo]

“I was so upset and hurt when Kairo called me from jail last night about a DUI. I had no words to say. I needed to calm down before I talked to him about this,” Whitfield shared.

Kairo later told cameras that he was smoking pot on the day of his arrest. Although an expired tag got him pulled over, Whitfield tried her best to curb her son’s behavior.

“You are not on the same playing field as a lot of other people,” she told him. “Do you understand that?”

Whitfield wasn’t satisfied with the conversation and called in her ex-husband, Bob, to take a shot at it. Bob later confessed to Kairo that he actually had a license for medical marijuana, which didn’t help the situation. Thankfully, he eventually got through, and Kairo promised that he would make wiser decisions in the future.

New episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta air Sunday nights on Bravo.

Check out Shereé Whitfield’s interview from The Domenick Nati Show below.

[Featured Image by Bravo]

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