WWE News: NXT Star Tye Dillinger To Debut During Royal Rumble Match At Entrant 10?

“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger has been one of the best workers in the WWE for years, even dating back to his first run with the WWE, but now he’s possibly on a roll of popularity that might make him a massive star with the company. For some time now, WWE has seen the success of Tye Dillinger’s hard work pay off for him as he has delivered quality matches night in and night out even when he was told he would lose the match.

His quality of work never disappears,and that kind of model employee is tough to find. His Perfect 10 gimmick might have started out as a heel role for him, but the WWE NXT fans began chanting it and loving him for it. They would cheer him more and more to the point that WWE felt they had no choice but to make him a babyface. The 10 chant kept getting over so completely that WWE fans began chanting it all over the place.

Tye Dillinger would take on Bobby Roode at WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto. Both men are Canadian, so people expected both to get cheered heavily, and they were right. The 10 chants were a big thing the whole night, and they continued the next night on WWE Survivor Series. It then trickled over to WWE RAW and SmackDown Live. Most thought that since all of this happened in Canada, no one should pay close attention to it.

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Then it began to happen every week since, and that made WWE realize that Tye Dillinger might not be a flash in the pan and could become a huge WWE Superstar. Now according to Ringside News, WWE is considering the idea of having Tye Dillinger enter the Royal Rumble match at the PPV of the same name as, of course, entrant number 10. It makes total sense to have him come up to the main roster, but the question is, would it be smart for him to do so and leave what he could do in NXT behind?

WWE does believe in him. They also believe he can develop the chant into something as big as the “What?” and “YES!” chants. That is a huge company to be in already, so imagine if it actually works out. People also need to understand that the success could not happen to a much better WWE Superstar. Tye Dillinger got over on NXT, not because of the chant alone, but because he was literally the perfect 10 WWE Superstar in every way.

The man can talk and wrestle well, not to mention he has a great look that the WWE loves to see out of their stars. This not only makes him a fan favorite, but it also makes him someone management knows they can market. While the push to the main roster may seem kind of soon for Tye, it must be known that he is 35 years old. It would be wrong to keep him down on WWE NXT simply wasting away before he gets his big opportunity.

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The best thing one can do with Tye Dillinger is let him go to the main roster so that he can succeed at a high level there. This is especially true at this point due to the chant now starting to take off. If WWE can make him into a star before the chants die out, they may have someone big on their hands. If they don’t ride the wave, they could risk losing his momentum, and it could be quite difficult to get it back.

All of that said, Tye Dillinger still deserves a WWE call-up anyway. He was originally with WWE under the name Gavin Spears with the ECW brand, but he was surprisingly let go, and no one truly knew why. It seemed as if the WWE felt he lacked the final piece of the package to make him a star. When he came back, many felt all he needed was to develop a personality and gimmick, and he would be great. Now that he has done that, the folks who believed in him have been proven correct. The only worry among some is, will he get over with the casual WWE audience the way he does now with the hardcore fans? If so, we may literally have the next big thing in Tye Dillinger.

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