‘Stalked By My Mother’: On Lifetime Movie Overprotective Parenting Turns Deadly, Starring Jennifer Taylor, Danielle Chuchran

Stalked By My Mother is a dramatic new thriller that is airing this holiday weekend. With Christmas just days away, the Lifetime (LMN) movie will be an added treat to help Christmas shoppers unwind. Stalked By My Mother is a bizarre tale about a college student who is accused of murdering her boyfriend. However, her obsessed mother may know more about the murder than she lets on. It is directed and written by Doug Campbell. According to the Internet Movie Database, the cast stars Jennifer Taylor, Danielle Chuchran, Mia Topalian, Spencer Neville, Leith Burke, Brian McGovern, Kevin Scott Allen, Mim Drew, and Ted Jonas.

Lifetime Movie Network Synopsis: Stalked By My Mother

With Maddy headed off to college, she’ll have the chance to meet new people. And it doesn’t take long before she meets a handsome frat guy at a party. The attraction between them is intense and rapid, leaving them with a strong desire to spend as much time together as possible. But there is a problem. Maddy’s mother seems to be popping up out of nowhere, every time Maddy leaves the house.

She shows up unexpectedly at the school, at college parties, and even during a hot make-out session between Maddy and her new boyfriend, Tucker, inside of a parked car. Embarrassed and outraged, Maddy tells her mother that it is time for her to stay out of her life and that her behavior is bordering on stalking.

According to Maddy’s mom, she has every reason to be obsessed with her daughter’s safety since she was nearly abducted as a child. Maddy understands her mother’s fear but insists that following her around and threatening her new boyfriend is more than just being overprotective—it’s downright insane.

Still, Maddy’s concerns fall on deaf ears, and things take a twisted and tragic turn after Tucker is found dead in his campus dorm room. As police detectives start investigating the scene, they claim that Maddy’s fingerprints were found at the crime scene, and that the DNA blood evidence was traced back to Tucker.

With evidence mounting against her, Maddy has been arrested and charged with her boyfriend’s death. However, she knows the truth: someone else who wanted Tucker dead.

Now, it’s a race against time for Maddy to prove that she is innocent and find evidence that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the one true killer—her own mother. Will Maddy be able to prove her innocence, and will she survive if she has to cross her mother’s path before she can bring her to justice?

A Parental Stalking True Story

In one true story of parental stalking, according to The Free Lance Star, a deranged father grew obsessed with his own daughter. Whenever she would leave her home to meet a boy or to meet up with friends, her father followed her in his truck. When she disappeared in 1987, it was believed that 19-year-old Kathy Bonney had left on her own free will to take up with a married man. However, when her dead body was found along the Dismal Swamp Canal, police focused on her father, Tom Bonney. It was later revealed that he had killed Kathy Bonney because he was disappointed and hurt that his little girl was turning out to be a rebellious bad girl, according to Find A Grave.

“She was killed by her father, Tom Bonney, who claimed he did it while possessed by an alternate personality named ‘Hitman.’ She had quit school and had taken up with a married man, both of which had angered her father, who had developed a ‘Waltons’ fantasy about his family. According to accounts of the case, Kathy’s rebellious actions had destroyed this fantasy. His story to the police was that a man trying to sell a pick-up truck had given Kathy a test-drive and had never returned. In reality, Tom had driven his daughter just across the Virginia border into North Carolina, stopped by the side of the road, and shot her 27 times. After making the scene look like a sex crime, he left her in the Great Dismal Swamp Canal that ran alongside the shoulder of the road.”

Don’t forget to watch Lifetime’s Stalked By My Mother this Sunday, at 8/7 p.m. Central on LMN. Lifetime has released one other “Stalked By” movie over the past year, including Stalked By My Doctor.

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