Snowfall Returns To ‘GTA Online’ Alongside Free Festive Gifts

Free presents, a snowy map, and limited-time bonuses are now live in Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode. A plethora of complimentary items are up for grabs just in time for the holidays in GTA Online. Additionally a few events and the return of snow to San Andreas and Los Santos are now also available.

By simply logging in to GTA Online on December 25, players will receive a number of free items. A unicorn mask, pajama set, fireworks launcher, a carbine rifle, a marksman rifle, some explosives, and more will be distributed to those that log in on Christmas Day.

Those that log in the two days prior to the holiday or the day after will also receive a fireworks launcher and an event t-shirt for their characters according to the game’s website. Of course, players can enjoy the snowy landscape right now, but the rare weather will only last until December 26.

“Not only does this mean you’ll enjoy a picturesque holiday in GTA Online, but you’ll also be able to mix it up with your friends and foes with some good old fashioned snowball fights (just press left on the D-pad to collect up to nine snowballs for your arsenal).”

Christmas Eve, December 24, will also offer a day-long buff to profits from vehicle exporting, any biker business sales, and CEO special cargo shipments. Players will receive a 50 percent increase in cash earned from these activities for that day only making the holiday the perfect time to pick up free gifts and make a little extra in-game money.

With snow on the map, players can have snowball fights [Image by Rockstar Games]

The new adversary mode called “Juggernaut” and the “Plummet” stunt race are also worth more RP in GTA Online until January 1 and January 2 respectively. Juggernaut pits teams against each other both working to take out the other’s heavily armored target. If no team succeeds before time runs out, all players become juggernauts. Bonus cash and RP are rewards for the adversary mode while just completing the features stunt race will reward triple RP.

Those free goodies, events, and a snow covered map are not the only festivities lined up for GTA Online players. Several holiday clothes are returning this year, and players can unlock them by simply logging into the game before January 9. Merry masks, Santa outfits, and appropriately hideous sweaters await those ready to celebrate the season.

The entire map is covered with snow for the duration of the event [Image by Rockstar Games]

Although not tied to the Christmas holiday, a new supercar and different unlocks are also available now. The Truffade Nero car is now available at Benny’s Original Motor Works. Players that jump on to the game before January 2 will also unlock the Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket and Pajama sets. Not to mention, a sale on GTA Online items is currently underway until January 2 as well. Players can buy two cars, two aircraft, select real estate, and a handful of products at Ammu-Nation at a 25 percent discount. For the full list of applicable items, check out the official Rockstar Games website.

“Coming out of the holy modification temple known as Benny’s Original Motor Works, the highly customizable Nero is easy on the eyes with its sleek design and also packs plenty of zip.”

GTA Online recently updated with the free Import/Export downloadable content just weeks ago. The latest DLC introduced a new gameplay system to steal and resell high-value vehicles. CEOs in the game can invest in expensive car garages before hiring their friends to steal luxurious automobiles to turn major profits.


In addition the new vehicle theft options and new items for the player to buy, the latest update also introduced the ability for players to change their appearance at any time via the quick menu. As the Inquisitr reported, players can access the new option by bringing up the interaction menu in-game. For $100,000 in GTA Online players can alter nearly everything about their avatar. All of the options available at character creation are also available through this option, but players cannot change their characters’ gender.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]