‘Marvel Heroes’ Winter Holiday Event Live, Log In For Free Gifts Through The New Year

Over 14 days, developers and players of Marvel Heroes are celebrating the season with free gifts each day. The Winter Holiday Event, which started on December 20, offers players a free log-in item each day until the event ends on January 2, 2017. Log in before the event ends to pick up a free team-up hero, a free pet, and play to earn even more holiday gifts.

Simply logging in before January 2 will reward players with a free Punisher Dead Winter team-up and a Mini Mandroid MK 7 pet. These gifts are in addition to the daily gifts players can pick up just for logging in to the game each day. The full list of free items can be found on the official website with each day offering a specific item. More pets, more team-ups, boosts, a random hero, and a random costume are all being given away over the two weeks of giving.


Players that stick around after picking up their log-in gifts are in luck, too. Winter buffs are regularly dropping while defeating enemies. Collecting five Winter buffs results in a “lootsplosion” of items including currency, unique items, and other valuables. Another part of the Winter Holiday event is the NPC gift-giving mission now available as detailed on the official forums. A number of NPCs in Marvel Heroes are looking for specific items and are willing to reward the player for their efforts. For instance, players can give Sif a 200,000 credit chest and in return, she will give the player 200 Odin Marks.

Of course, a sale is also ongoing as part of the holiday revelry. All heroes, costumes, team-ups, pets, and big boxes of Fortune Cards are 50 percent off. This applies to all heroes, a roster of over 50 heroes including those recently released this year. The only items not eligible for the half-off sale are the new costumes released this week including the Captain America Arctic Costume, the Star-Lord Legendary Costume, and the Vision Spectral Costume.

Winter event now live in Marvel Heroes with half off sale, free gifts
The Captain America Arctic Costume, the Vision Spectral Costume, and the Star-Lord Legendary Costume in Marvel Heroes [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

After the release of Angela in August, only three more planned heroes are yet to be released as part of Advance Pack 3. Nick Fury, Black Bolt, and Beast remain before any new hero launches are revealed. Since the release of Kamala Khan and Miles Morales, two more team-ups are expected to release as part of the pack as the Inquisitr reported. Those two team-ups are Jubilee and Medusa which should release around the same time Beast and Black Bolt launch respectively.

With major changes coming to the game in the coming months, now is the time to work on certain achievements before they are no longer obtainable. The action-RPG is set to undergo a major overhaul affecting nearly every facet of the game. Unique gear is being removed, Omega level gear is being introduced, the Omega System is being replaced with the Infinity System, and mobility is being slowed in a future series of updates for the game. With that in mind, Marvel Heroes veterans need to wrap up several of the achievements tied to unique gear since that tier of gear is being completely removed from the drop tables.

Nearly 60 heroes are available to play in Marvel Heroes [Image by Gazillion Entertainment]

For a closer look at what will change in Marvel Heroes in the future, interested players should check out the multiple developer blogs on each upcoming change. The full list of blogs can be found on the game’s official forums. Other features like a Difficulty Slider and a new, different item find mechanic are also works in progress.

All of these changes and a rumored major addition are expected features for the super-powered title. Moving away from three hotbars to one, the slower movement speed, and revamped power trees for all heroes gave many players the impression that a console release of the game was on the way. Although nothing official has been announced by Marvel or Gazillion Entertainment, members of the community on Reddit believe a PlayStation 4 version of the game is in development. A captured image of a forum post by an artist for Marvel Heroes mentioned how fur looked in the game while it was running on a PlayStation 4, leading many to the conclusion that a PS4 version of Marvel Heroes is imminent.

[Featured Image by Gazillion Entertainment]