Miranda Lambert Poured Her Heart Out In New Album: What Did She Write About?

Miranda Lambert has been through a lot over the past year or two with her divorce from Blake Shelton and starting a new romance with Anderson East. Taste of Country is sharing that Miranda poured her heart out in a new album, and fans are going to get to hear it all. Miranda actually shared the news with her fans on her Instagram page.

Miranda on the red carpet
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She posted a short video on her page along with a caption that explained why her new album is so big.

“There’s a lot of reasons why #TheWeightOfTheseWings is a double album. I wrote 72 songs for this project. I had a lot of fuel. But these 24 songs showed themselves to be what needed to be said right now,” she said. She was able to cut it down to just 24 songs, but that means that Miranda has a ton of other songs that could end up getting used on a future album at some point.

This album just came out and is Miranda’s sixth studio album. She had a lot of things to write about it, so it sounds like this is one of the easiest albums she has ever been able to put out, but the material on the album was obviously not all easy to write about. Miranda poured her soul into it, and the fans are going to learn a lot if they pay close attention to the words.

Miranda Lambert also shared a bit more about the album.

“There’s a lot of reasons it is a double album. No. 1, I moved to Nashville after not living here for 10 years. I’ve made so many great friends and cultivated relationships over the years, even not living here through writing for records and being part of the community even from far.”

When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton split, he stayed in Oklahoma, which is where he is from, and Miranda moved to Nashville.

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Miranda went on to explain that this was a hard time in her life that she wrote about, but it sounds like it will pay off with this amazing music.

“I was going through probably one of the hardest times in my life, so what better to do than to use that pain for your art? I dove in as hard as I could, and I wrote about 72 songs. These 24 showed themselves to be what needed to be said right now.”

Going through a divorce is never an easy time for someone. Her song “Vice” has already been released and was even nominated for two Grammy Awards in the Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song categories. She will find out in February if she won.

Rolling Stone also shared that Miranda Lambert will be headlining the big Home for the Holidays show on CBS tomorrow night. This is an annual show about people who have adopted children who were part of the foster care system. It is a pre-taped program and fans will get to hear some of Miranda’s new songs on this show. She will perform “Pushin’ Time” and “Keeper of the Flame,” which are both from her new album. She will also sing “The House That Built Me,” which is a perfect fit for this show. Miranda will even go out and visit some of the families on the show, which is a huge surprise for them. This will be a great chance to hear her new music.

Are you excited to hear what Miranda Lambert reveals in her new album? Do you think that Miranda should end up using all of the songs at some point? Sound off in the comments section below.

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