Apple iOS Customer Loyalty Slipping In US And Europe

Customers are abandoning the Apple iOS platform as the brands loyalty in the United States and Europe continues to suffer according to a new study published by Strategy Analytics.

Apple has not witnessed a drop in iOS customer loyalty since the company first released the original Apple iPhone device in 2007.

According to SA the number of customers who say they will “definitely or probably purchase their next phone from Apple” has declined in both regions.

Strategy Analytics notes that consumer responses do not necessarily mean they are preparing to jump ship, in fact the researchers believe most Apple users will continue to purchase Apple developed products.

According to the company’s latest Wireless Device Lab Report, 88 percent of US iPhone owners planned on buying their next phone from Apple. While that number is impressive it is down from 93 percent in 2011. In Europe numbers are lower with 75 percent of buyers saying they will buy the next iPhone, down from 88 percent in 2011.

In examining the lowering customer loyalty numbers the survey’s researchers point to negative press and accusations of a lack of innovation on Apple’s part.

Apple still has the strongest customer loyalty hold among its top users. According to SA 21 percent of Apple iOS users are not willing to switch over to another product, even if the price point for the alternative product is extremely well priced compared to iPhone devices.

The study also found that Apple mobile product users are 52 percent more loyal to Apple then Google Android users are to the manufacturers who produce their Android Smartphones.