After-Christmas Sales 2016: Find The Best Deals From Walmart, Target, And Best Buy For The Week After Christmas

The after-Christmas 2016 sales are about to heat up, with retailers like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy offering deep discounts on video games, clothing, and electronics in the hope of enticing shoppers to get out of their home and spend their gift cards.

With the holiday shopping season creeping earlier in the calendar and Black Friday deals starting to show up weeks before Thanksgiving, retailers are offering deeper cuts in their after-Christmas sales in the hope of breaking through the retail fatigue. The week after Christmas offers the last chance to draw in customers before they settle into winter hibernation, so stores will go the extra mile to make it worth their while.

The retail website has compiled a list of all the after Christmas sales, showing that deals on flat-screen televisions and video game bundles remain just as popular after the holiday as they were before.

Some of the top after Christmas deals include the following items.

Walmart: Vizio 55-inch HDTV for $378

Target: Xbox One (with controller and digital download of Minecraft) for $249.99

Best Buy: LG 55-inch HDTV for $399.99

But major retailers aren’t the only ones trying to draw in shoppers for their after Christmas 2016 sales. Many smaller chains and local outlets are also slashing prices to clear the shelves of excess holiday gifts and seasonal items, so picking up the local newspaper on or after Christmas (or checking directly on their websites) can reveal even more savings.

The after-Christmas 2016 sales are mostly aimed at enticing shoppers to spend the gift cards they got over the holiday, retail experts noted.

“Years ago, before online shopping became a big deal, the week after Christmas used to be all about returns,” Jim Easley, general manager of the Staten Island Mall, told “Now that week has become when everyone comes to the mall and spends those gift cards that they got over the holidays.”

For shoppers looking to hit up the after-Christmas 2016 sales, experts offer a bit of advice on what to buy and what to avoid. Melissa Martin of told that clothing will be available at a great discount, as retailers are eager to empty their stock before the clothes are out of style. Toys that didn’t sell as well during the holiday season will also have prices clashed, and holiday decorations can be found at anywhere up to a 90 percent discount — depending on how long shoppers are able to wait to buy it.

And noted that shoppers looking for cameras can find some great deals in the after Christmas 2016 sales.

“One category of electronics stands out as a hot post-holiday buy: cameras. During after-Christmas sales last year, 37% of camera deals were Editors’ Choice. Canon offered some of the hottest deals we’ve seen on both refurbs and new models in late January. We saw refurb lenses starting as low as $49.99 and up to $700 off new cameras.”

But other purchases may not be so wise during the after Christmas sales. The National Retail Federation noted that television prices will actually be lower in the week before the Super Bowl and that luxury brands often end their deals before Christmas arrives.

“The great buys are on the after-Christmas wear, the coats, the hats and boots will be marked down considerably,” Melissa Martin told last year. “But stay away from those luxury coat brands, like North Face, because those [prices] usually don’t go down regardless.”

But those looking to hit up the after Christmas sales should keep time on their side. Many of the deals will last only as long as the stores have sale items in stock, so the earlier they can get out to do their shopping, the better.

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images]