Nathan Griffith Bizarre Behavior Revealed, Jenelle Evans Could Be Granted Sole Custody Of Kaiser

Nathan Griffith has spiraled downhill quickly after splitting from Jenelle Evans in 2015. The couple was featured on Teen Mom 2. Their entire relationship played out in front of the cameras, including finding out they were expecting a child together. Griffith and Evans share a little boy, Kaiser. They had planned on getting married but broke up in August of 2015. Shortly after that, things began getting shaky for Griffith in general.

There has been a lot of gossip about Nathan Griffith and his mental health. Shocking reports were coming out about how much he was drinking and about how he was treating his on again-off again girlfriend, Jessica Henry. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Nathan Griffith has allegedly been suicidal and wanted to give up custody of Kaiser to David Eason. All of this is new information coming from an unidentified source, although it is believed that the source may have been Jenelle Evans. The situation is incredibly messy right now, and there might be a new custody battle on the way.

Back in May, Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans came to a custody agreement. Kaiser would be with his father every other weekend and at least one weeknight. There have been allegations that Griffith doesn’t even use the time allotted. His communication with Evans is terrible, and he has reportedly been dealing with David Eason the majority of the time. That was documented during last season of Teen Mom 2. When Griffith and Evans split, it was a nasty battle. He had brought Jessica Henry with him to get his stuff from where he lived with Jenelle, and things got heated between the two ladies. Evans ended up with a domestic violence charge for throwing a glass at Henry. She beat the charge earlier this year.

The allegations against Nathan Griffith are pretty serious. Rumors are circulating that he was suicidal, even involving Barbara Evans at one point. Also, Griffith has several charges pending against him. He was arrested twice in the same week. Two of the five pending charges are allegedly felonies. Griffith was arrested for another DUI and for assaulting Jessica Henry after a night out at a bar with her. There has been talk about alcohol issues for Griffith, but it seems that it isn’t being taken seriously. If all of these allegations are true, Jenelle Evans should be able to get sole custody of Kaiser.

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Teen Mom 2 will be back in a little over a week, and Nathan Griffith will be on this season. In fact, the special with all the dads recently aired on MTV, and he was there with Corey Simms, Jo Rivera, and Gary Shirley. He seemed to be doing alright, although that was taped over eight months ago. Griffith definitely has some demons he is battling; some of which have been shown on the show. Jenelle Evans has been raising Kaiser on her own with very little assistance from Griffith, and she has mentioned her intentions to take him back to court.

If Nathan Griffith doesn’t get his life back on track, he stands to lose a lot. The source who leaked the information about him wanting to give David Eason custody of Kaiser and the charges that are pending against him is likely Jenelle Evans. There is reportedly something in the custody agreement about bashing the other parent publicly, and she pointed that out to him when he trashed her. Griffith is known for his violent outbursts, many of which were showcased on Teen Mom 2. It will be interesting to see if Jenelle Evans files for sole custody of Kaiser and whether or not Nathan Griffith will use the courts to retain his parental rights.

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