'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail To Divorce Chad And Marry Someone New

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad and Abigail's reunion isn't going to go smoothly. In fact, it may be awhile before fans see the two together romantically, if at all. New storylines have been revealed, and it appears that Abigail is going to do the unthinkable by divorcing Chad and marrying another Salem resident.

According to Soap Hub, Abigail has been struggling with revealing herself to Chad. However, her mother Jennifer and brother JJ have been pushing her to do so. The only other person, besides Andre, who knows she's still alive is Dario Hernandez. Dario, who is currently into some shady business deals, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Abigail was alive and well. Dario kept Abby's secret, and soon he'll need a big favor from her.

The report suggests that Dario is in danger of getting deported, likely because of his unethical business practices. However, if Abigail were to marry Dario, then he would have grounds to stay in the U.S., and Salem. As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Dario has been unlucky in love since returning to Salem. His crush on Nicole Walker didn't pan out, and his relationship with Blanca fizzled quickly when she left Salem. Will Dario now develop feelings for Abigail? If so, it looks like that the love triangle between Chad, Abigail, and Gabi, may become a square.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chad and Gabi get even closer.
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The buzz started when a new video was leaked showing an audition for someone seemingly playing a government official. In the audition video, the character of Dario clearly states that Abigail is his fiance and that the two are in love. Abigail's dialogue then reveals that she's currently married, but that she's started divorce proceedings, giving a story about how her husband was in love with another woman and that led to she and Dario having an affair.

Only time will tell if this Days of Our Lives storyline will officially play out. However, fans are fully expecting a messy situation when it comes to Chad and Abigail's relationship. Perhaps it will be months before fans finally see them romantically reunited.

Meanwhile, other Days of Our Lives storylines are heating up as well. Chloe Lane is set to deliver Nicole's baby, and Nicole has no idea. Chloe, who is carrying a child that belongs to Nicole and her late fiance Daniel Jonas, never told Nicole that she had their embryo implanted. Now that Nicole is in a relationship with Deimos Kiriakis, she may not want to let Nicole in on the secret. However, knowing that Nicole has longed for a child her entire life, it seems selfish for Chloe to keep that from her. Fans are hoping to see Nicole learn the truth in the very near future.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Steve's long lost son coming to Salem.
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Another Salem resident who is currently struggling is Brady Black. Brady is still dealing with the aftermath of his fiance, Theresa Donovan, leaving him and their son, Tate, behind. Although Brady doesn't know that Theresa actually went off to work with the ISA to bust a major drug kingpin. Sadly, Brady feels very alone and has been struggling through the holiday season with his family. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brady is about to get a new love interest, and when/if Theresa comes back she's not going to be happy about him moving on.

Days of Our Lives viewers can expect more complicated family moments when Steve's long lost son, Tripp, heads to Salem in early 2017. His arrival will certainly shake up the Johnson clan and lead to some very intense moments between the newly acquainted brothers, Joey and Tripp.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Chad and Abigail will ever get back together?

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