Justin Bieber Allegedly ‘Stalked’ By Selena Gomez On Instagram Amid Shocking Pregnancy Plan Rumors

Ever since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez became involved in a cold war of words on Instagram, speculation has swirled about whether they can ever rekindle their romance or even renew their friendship. Now a new report claims that Selena was allegedly “stalking” Justin on Instagram and that he continues to have a dramatic impact on her life, with another alleging that the songstress had secretly planned for motherhood.

Even though it’s been months since Bieber and the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” songstress have hooked up, Life & Style reported that Justin “is still a toxic presence” in her life, citing sources who described what allegedly occurred before Selena’s “three-month rehab stay.”

Selena Gomez allegedly is still affected by Justin Bieber.
Selena Gomez allegedly is still affected by Justin Bieber. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

The insiders claim that Gomez became “so wrapped up” in Bieber’s personal life that it “prompted” her reported months in a treatment facility, with one of the sources alleging that she was “stalking” him on social media.

“[Selena] was stalking Justin on social media.”

Also, the insider claimed that Gomez “would drink a lot and could barely do anything but talk or think about Justin.” She reportedly began “bombarding her friends” with pictures of herself and Bieber from the start of their relationship, according to the source, who noted that the Biebs was at that time dating Sofia Richie.

“It was creepy,” noted the insider. “She wouldn’t stop. She said she missed him and the pictures made her happy. But her friends thought it just made her look sick.”

And the allegations about Bieber’s impact on Gomez don’t stop there. Ace Showbiz reported that he is partly to blame for Selena’s “downward spiral,” citing a source who claimed that her “relationship with Justin led to problems with drinking and partying after they were first linked in 2010.”

Justin Bieber reportedly partly to "blame" for Selena Gomez's alleged issues.
Justin Bieber reportedly is partly to “blame” for Selena Gomez’s alleged issues. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

The insider noted that although Gomez suffers “from lupus and other health issues, that’s not the reason she went to rehab.” Instead, the source claims that she “became a different person” when Bieber was around.

“Her biggest addiction is Justin.”

Describing Selena as “extremely jealous and possessive,” the insider said that she “felt like she had to keep up with” Bieber.

“She would drink and smoke, and then she got into weed and partying,” added the source.

The media outlet noted that Gomez’s cancellation of the rest of her Revival Tour and social media hiatus took place after her battle with Justin on Instagram over Sofia. Although the “Good for You” songstress allegedly “vowed not to contact the ‘Cold Water’ crooner” during her reported stay in rehab, “she eventually reached out to him.”

Is Selena Gomez hoping to become a mom someday?
Is Selena Gomez hoping to become a mom someday? [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN]

Life & Style also cited insiders who claimed that her “lingering attachment to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is partly to blame for her unraveling this summer.” One of the sources alleged that he continues to have an impact on her life.

“Justin is such poison to Selena. Even when he isn’t around, she is still self-destructing because of him.”

Moreover, the insider claims that Gomez’s “addiction” to Bieber is causing those around her to worry.

“Her addiction to Justin is what everyone is afraid is going to take the ultimate toll,” added the source. “Justin takes her to a dark place mentally, and she really can’t let go.”

Amid these allegations comes a new report about Selena and her dreams of motherhood, with Celeb Dirty Laundry reporting that she “is not taking any chances with her future as a mom and that’s why she made the decision to freeze her eggs.” Sources told the media outlet that Gomez “froze her eggs before she started chemotherapy,” which was reportedly part of her lupus treatment.

“Selena was advised to freeze her eggs before she started chemotherapy.”

The insider noted that it is “very common for young women having chemo to do this,” adding that the songstress “hopes to be a mom some day.”

Also, the sources claim that Gomez has “been dealing with too many personal issues along with her lupus battle” to have a baby at this time and that she does not desire to raise a child by herself. Consequently, the insiders said that she is “willing to wait until she officially retires before settling down with a child.”

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