The Legend Of The Blue Sea Ep 11 Recap & Spoilers: History Repeats Itself As Heo Joon Jae Remembers Past Life

The memories came flooding back to Heo Joon-jae’s mind. They came in short bursts and snippets of the mysterious girl who turned out to be a mermaid. The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 11 recap takes us down to Joon-jae’s memory lane as events finally unfold in his mind. This was after he and Sim Cheong had a stare down in his house right after she confronted him about his conman ways. The weird thing is, Joon-jae and Cheong conversed in their minds, and that’s how he found out that she is actually a mermaid.

Unfortunately, Cheong decided to leave the house when she found out that Joon-jae and his friends were actually con men. Knowing that she can be tracked from her mobile phone, she switched it off and headed to the mall to get a refund for all the beautiful things that Joon-jae bought her.

Luckily, Heo Chi-hyeon, Joon- jae’s half brother spotted her walking by herself. It is only here that he found out that Cheong doesn’t want to go back to Joon-jae’s house. She asks him to take her to a public sauna, where people can actually spend the night.

Meanwhile, Joon-jae enlists the help of Jo Nam-doo and Tae-Oh to find Cheong by hacking into the city’s CCTV cameras. The problem is that she has gone totally off-grid, so much so that that not even the tech-savvy Tae-Oh can track her down. It didn’t help that Joon-jae found out that the original Little Mermaid story didn’t end as well as the Disney version had. Tae-oh informed him that in the original legend the mermaid had died.

The following morning, Joon-jae discovered Cheong’s location through her mobile phone’s GPS. It turns out that a group of high school teenagers stole Cheong’s bag. When he finally found Cheong eating boiled eggs in the sauna, he tried to convince her to come home with him by bribing her with food. She still has no idea that Joon-jae can clearly hear her mermaid’s voice, which is actually the thoughts that run through her head.

Throughout this time, Joon-jae’s father has been suffering from cataract. Chi Hyeon informed him of their father’s serious illness, but Joon-jae is determined not to make amends with his dad. During the last Legend of the Blue Sea ep, Joon-jae had run into his dad in the hospital while he visited a friend. In their brief meeting, Joon-jae left his father, still full of loathing for the patriarch who left his mother for another woman.

On the other hand, while the police are investigating the case of the criminal Ma Dae-young, one of the detectives found out that he had lived in a house leased by a woman. To their knowledge, Dae Young never married and had no kids. But the new information shed light to the mysterious woman, who turns out to have married twice. Her previous husbands have all died from suspicious circumstances. While she married them at the peak of their health, both husbands contracted cataracts after being married to her. The first one had met an accident on the street due to his impaired eyesight, while the other one died from complications.

Meanwhile, Joon-jae came back to the public sauna to make sure that Cheong was safe. His overprotectiveness is so absurd that the other sauna goers want both of them to go home because he was causing such inconvenience to the others. It was only because Joon-jae didn’t want Cheong to have an accident with water that would give away her true form in public.

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Aside from this, Joon-jae also showed up to Yoo-na’s school play. Cheong was surprised when he arrived with Nam-doo and Tae Oh, but not unpleased. Because of this, she was eventually convinced to go back home, but only after asking Joon-jae to make a promise. And that is, to leave the conman’s life behind. Of course, the lovestruck reincarnation of Dam Ryeong agrees to this promise wholeheartedly.

Incidentally, the police received a tip that the criminal Dae-young is around the area where Joon-jae and Cheong are. On the way to give Cheong a pink octopus plush which he won from the arcade, a police detective intercepted Joon-jae and hastily cuffed him. At the same time, Dae-young disguised as a cab driver pulled up across the street to where Cheong is standing, and of course, he has some evil plan for the mermaid in disguise.

The Legend of the Blue Sea ended with a black moon in the sky, and the thought that history is beginning to repeat itself. It looks like Cheong will be kidnapped by the evil Dae-young, who incidentally dreamed of his past life. He realized so quickly that Joon-jae is the mermaid in his dreams, which miraculously he believes to be his life long goal to capture.

The Legend of the Blue Sea stars Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. The Korean drama has yet to overtake Goblin in TV rankings. LOTBS Ep 11 finished 3rd nationwide, with 17.7%, according to TNS Media Korea. In the meantime, in Seoul alone, The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 11 finished 2nd at 20.1% viewership.

Heo Joon-jae and Sim Cheong returns in Episode 12 tonight on SBS.

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