WWE News: Major Rumor Killer On AJ Styles’ Opponent For ‘Wrestlemania 33’

Heading into Wrestlemania season, there have been too many rumors about what WWE has planned for AJ Styles and the WWE Championship. The possibilities for the WWE title match on WWE’s grandest stage are endless, and there are many exciting matches that have been rumored that it’s a pity the powers that be must choose one. No matter what they decide, it’s expected The Phenomenal One will likely be involved.

AJ Styles will face some challenges before making it to Wrestlemania 33 as the WWE Champion. Next week on the last edition of SmackDown in 2016, he will defend the title against Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler in a triple threat match. WWE book a swerve, but AJ losing the WWE title before the WWE Royal Rumble PPV doesn’t seem likely. There is still a lot of speculation that The Undertaker will face Styles at the event.

All the speculation surrounding John Cena’s return to WWE programming next week during SmackDown has him immediately entering the WWE World title scene, which would reignite his feud with AJ Styles and likely send the two into a title match at the WWE Royal Rumble. As if the potential for John Cena and The Undertaker wasn’t enough, another rumor has come to light claiming that Samoa Joe could join the party.

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It was rumored yesterday that Samoa Joe would not only be making his highly anticipated debut on WWE TV soon, but he may receive a WWE title shot at Wrestlemania 33 against AJ Styles. The two men have a lot of history in the industry together, and they’ll cross paths again in WWE sometime in the future. However, the rumor has been confirmed as false, and Joe vs. Styles will not be happening at Wrestlemania 33 next year.

After the conclusion of the feud between Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura over the NXT Championship, the former’s WWE television debut is imminent. According to recent rumors, Joe could be heading to Raw or SmackDown. Whatever they have planned for him, it won’t involve AJ Styles or the WWE Championship.

It’s not confirmed who AJ Styles will be facing at the WWE Royal Rumble next month, so speculating on his opponent for Wrestlemania could be looking too far into the future. Especially, when he may lose the WWE title to John Cena or The Undertaker at next month’s PPV if WWE is going to pull the trigger on the dream match. However, you have to question where that will leave AJ Styles for WWE’s biggest show of the year.

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It was recently reported that WWE officials might combine all the elements and book AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a Triple Threat match. On paper, that match may be the best possible situation for the WWE title and all three men on the grandest stage of them all.

John Cena could win his historic sixteenth world championship at Wrestlemania, The Undertaker wouldn’t need to be pinned or made to submit, and Styles wouldn’t be forced to take a back seat after being WWE’s best performer in 2016. Not mention their match would most likely be the main event of Wrestlemania 33. That accolade would be a well-deserved reward for AJ Styles and a fitting end for his WWE title reign.

There is a lot of speculation about the WWE Championship match for next year’s Wrestlemania, but based on the news, Cena will also be involved in the WWE title picture. His return to WWE television next week on SmackDown should provide a lot of clarity to WWE’s creative plans headed into Wrestlemania season.

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