Kylie Jenner Posts Another Sexy Instagram Photo After Rumors Of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Kylie Jenner posted yet another sexy pic of herself on her Instagram account amid rumors that she went through breast enhancement surgery because her breasts looked larger than usual.

Kylie Jenner posted several images of herself on the social platform and critics were quick to point out that her chest looked bigger. This immediately sparked rumors that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star must have had breast enhancement surgery. She has added another sexy photo on the social network, still showing off her ample chest, flat tummy, and curvy hips.

Kylie flaunted her controversial chest in a tight mossy green crop top showing skin right below her breasts but designed as a polo neck complete with long sleeves. She completed the look with matching underwear. The photo was taken while she was standing next to a window with white curtains, thus providing natural light for the camera to capture all of her beauty. A staircase at the back of the room was beautified Christmas decorations.

Kylie Jenner posts sexy image after being accused of breast enhancement surgery
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The 19-year-old rocked dark hair with some of her locks covering her beautiful face. The new photo follows a series of other photos that the reality show star posted on Tuesday. The photos included one busty snap in which she was clad in a tight-fitting leopard print polo neck sweater. This particular photo led to speculation that she might have been using padding to make her breasts look bigger. It was even compared side by side with an earlier photo of Kylie in a Christina Aguilera costume.

Kylie also shared photos of herself wearing tank tops and she wore a red bra in a different photo thus revealing that her breasts actually looked bigger. This is not the first time that Jenner has been accused of breast enhancements. She faced the same controversy earlier this year but she shot down the rumors with a claim that her breasts looked bigger because it was her time of the month. The speculation that she got a boob job has resurfaced courtesy of her latest photos.

“No, people – I haven’t gotten breast implants! Everyone is obsessed with that. Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed; I’ve definitely filled out,” Kylie defended herself.

Kylie’s latest post will most likely lead to more controversy about breast enhancement and it has already provoked a lot of comments. She, however, did not write any caption or comment on the photo. Some of her followers were quick to ask her whether she got breast implants while others just asked how much the implants cost.

Kylie Jenner posts sexy image after being accused of breast enhancement surgery
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“She doesn’t even get tired of doing boob jobs. How much more big do you want it to be!!” one follower commented.

Despite the many comments especially the negative ones of people disliking her, Kylie has remained quiet about the whole thing and has not issued out any statement to clarify the matter. It has therefore not been confirmed whether she got breast implants or her busty chest is purely due to hormones or added weight. The latter has been considered unlikely because it all happened so fast.

Despite the rumors of a good job, most of the reality star’s 81.4 million fans are grateful because Kylie keeps them entertained. She constantly posts tantalizing photos of herself on Instagram which is her favorite social platform to keep her fans on their toes. The 19-year-old has never been afraid to flaunt her beautiful curves though she occasionally faces controversy, for example, the recent backlash for posting photos that were too revealing. Fans have now jumped from that to accusing Kylie of breast enhancement surgery following her latest posts.

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