Is There A Scene After The Credits In ‘Sing’? Find Out If It’s Worth Staying To The Very End Of The Animated Movie

Is there a scene after the final credits roll in Sing?

It’s a question many parents will be asking over the holiday weekend (and beyond) as they try to determine whether it’s worth waiting the extra five or seven minutes after the last scene of the latest animated movie from Illumination Entertainment.

The after-credits scene has become something of a standard in the superhero genre, with the Marvel movies including not one, but two scenes after the credits have ended. But with family movies, it’s a much more mixed bag. Sometimes filmmakers insert a quick and funny scene at the end, but just as often, they don’t. And when you’re dealing with children filled with soda and sugary candy, those few minutes can make a big difference.

But the question of whether there’s a scene after the credits in Sing has both a “yes” and “no” answer. Media Stinger, a site that tracks which movies have an after-credits scene and which don’t, noted that there’s a nice surprise for viewers during the credits, but nothing afterward.

“The illuminated squids are shown doing an choreographed dance number during the credits of Sing,” the report shared.

So while this may not fit the exact definition of an after-credits scene, there is definitely a reason for viewers to stay in their seats after the final scene in Sing.

There could be a big audience waiting to see if there’s a scene after the credits in Sing. While Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is expected to dominate the box office for a second straight week, the industry predictions put Sing in a solid second-place for the week.

As Variety noted, Sing was expected to top even the Sony Pictures big-budget movie Passengers, which stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Early tracking suggests that ‘Sing,’ an animated film about a group of animals competing in an ‘American Idol’-like music competition, has the edge. The film is the latest collaboration between Illumination and Universal, the team behind the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise and last summer’s ‘The Secret Life of Pets.’ The picture has been embraced by critics and has a cuddly premise, along with a roster of vocal performers that includes the A-list cadences of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, and Scarlett Johansson. That should all add up to between $65 million and $70 million over its first six days of release.”

Sing was already off to a good start in the lead-up to Christmas, taking in $1.7 million on Tuesday early screenings alone. This was good for first among new openings, beating out both Passengers and Assassin’s Creed.

That strong opening day could be a good sign for things to come, Variety noted.

“Sing equaled the Thursday night preview number for Disney’s Zootopia on its way to a $75 million launch weekend in early March,” the report noted.

There could be another good sign for Sing. In the past year, a number of animated and family movies have been able to out-perform their initial box office projections. A strong holiday opening, along with a lack of big family blockbusters coming out — Rogue One will grab a share, but not in the way that the Harry Potter releases did in the past — could be a good indication of a long box-office run for Sing.

But those wondering if there’s an after-credits scene in Sing won’t have to wonder as they’re sitting in the movie seat. As soon as the dancing squids are done with their number, it’s safe to start heading for the exits.

[Featured Image by Illumination Entertainment]