‘The Crown’ Is Well Represented In Golden Globes Nominations

Not only is Netflix’s The Crown a big hit with fans, but it’s being acknowledged for awards season, too. The Golden Globes has nominated the show, and two of the actors in the story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and as this is just the first season, there is likely more to come for Netflix, The Crown, and Claire Foy, who will be playing the lead role for one more season.

Season 1 of the new and very expensive Netflix series The Crown made a serious mark with fans and critics, as it went deep with the story of Queen Elizabeth, and her rule over the United Kingdom, says the Inquisitr. Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and John Lithgow as Winston Churchill were certainly stand out roles, but both will be gone after Season 2. At the end of Season 1, Winston Churchill has stepped down as Prime Minister, but the experience that the queen had with Churchill will influence how she works with Anthony Eden and others moving forward.

The Golden Globes have tapped The Crown as a nominee for best television drama, as well as the best actress nomination for Claire Foy and a best supporting actor nomination for John Lithgow, according to Vulture. As a first time Golden Globes nominee, Foy is excited and grateful. Foy says she was amazed when her agent called her.

“I couldn’t believe it. My agent called and told me and I laughed out loud.”


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Foy says she was also pleased for John Lithgow, and happy to share this with him. Considering that The Crown was released in November, the fact that it is going up against established shows like Game of Thrones is amazing. Foy says that she is happy that the Netflix series has been received so well.

“I always thought that things like this took time and you had to build up an audience. I’ve been so overwhelmed by how many people have watched it and the positive response we’ve had. To get this as well … it’s amazing.”

Foy says that she does not believe that favor is being given to costume dramas, but all of the shows going up against The Crown are all based on a time in history.

Though John Lithgow is no stranger to the Golden Globes, he is pleased to be recognized for playing Winston Churchill in The Crown, says Vanity Fair. Lithgow says he was also pleased to see there were no hard feelings, as in the past, he had made fun of the Golden Globes judges, likening them to the aliens in Third Rock From the Sun, his successful comedy series.

“I won two Golden Globes, and there was a long, long period in between the wins. That might be explained by the fact that when I first won the award, for 3rd Rock on the Sun, I satirically compared aliens on the show to the Foreign Press Association. And they did not take that well.”

But playing Winston Churchill was a whole new challenge, and Lithgow said he was able to take some dramatic and historical license in how his character related to Queen Elizabeth, played by Claire Foy.

“Churchill in fact did not know Elizabeth terribly well [when she became queen]. And she was not just learning about being queen, but was also learning about Churchill, and vice versa. So it gave a nice 10-episode arc that they just got to know each other better, and the affection just grew and grew.”

Both Lithgow and Foy spoke of developing a great friendship on and off set, and Foy has called Lithgow one of her favorite people of all time.

Do you think The Crown will have a shot at winning any Golden Globes this year?

[Featured Image by Netflix]