March 15, 2017
'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia Claims Season Finale Will 'Change' Everything

Jack's death continues to confound This Is Us fans. With the Season 1 finale almost here, viewers are a little closer to discovering how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) met his end. Did he die in a car accident after drinking too much?

Ventimiglia recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and basically told fans to brace themselves before sitting down to watch the much-anticipated season finale.

The episode, "Moonshadow," primarily focuses on Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and even takes us back to before they knew each other. Milo went so far as to say there are a couple of scenes near the end of the episode that will "change" the whole show.

"They change the game of what the show is," explained Ventimiglia. "They're two incredibly impactful moments — one's seeking conflict, and one's seeking resolution. You may not completely disagree with the conflict, and you may not agree with the resolution, but they sit on complete opposite sides of one another."

According to People, the latest episode, "What Now?," revealed a few more pieces to the puzzle of Jack's demise. Fans already know that Jack died after watching Kate's (Chrissy Metz) memory of his funeral, which happened sometime in the '90s. In the latest episode, Jack found himself on the verge of infidelity after attending a goodbye party for a co-worker at a local bar.

Before Jack cheated on Rebecca with Heather (Megan West), he realized his marriage was worth saving and called Kate. After telling Kate that he was going to turn things around, a drunken Jack was shown getting into his car, leaving fans to wonder if he died in a crash.

Viewers still don't know what happened to Jack on that fateful night, but Us Magazine reports that the finale will give viewers some answers. In fact, Metz assured fans that we'll learn more about Jack's fate during the finale and we'll all be surprised by what happens.

"You're going to have to wait a little bit, but it does answer some really important questions," Metz shared. "And not ones that you're expecting."

Metz added that when she learned about how Jack really died, it wasn't anything that she expected. Not only was she shocked to discover Jack's end, but she was also saddened by how it all played out.

Milo Ventimiglia echoed his This Is Us co-star's sentiments and cautioned everyone that Jack's death will surprise them.

"When people truly, really find out how it is that Jack died, then they're going to go back and wonder, 'Well, how did he get there? How did he get to that point in this life or that place in his life, that event in his life, and all of a sudden he is dead?'"

While it isn't clear if Jack's death will be revealed in the finale, E! News is reporting that Ventimiglia and Moore revealed that the mystery might be solved in a few weeks. The actor told fans that this "may be the time when they find out" about how Jack really died.

Of course, that suggests Jack will die in a car wreck, especially considering how the penultimate episode ended. Even worse, Jack and Rebecca didn't even get a proper goodbye the last time they saw each other.

"Very bad timing to not connect with your wife," Ventimiglia shared.

"To just be leaving on this note, it's the worst possible scenario," Moore added. "It doesn't feel good. And I don't think they're accustomed to being in this place with one another."

Whether this is truly Jack's end is yet to be seen. Whenever the show finally reveals Jack's death, Ventimiglia warned viewers that it's going to be an emotional ride.

"I feel that William and Jack are of the same beloved nature that people are truly going to grieve — not mourn — grieve their loss," he shared.

Considering the potential revelations in the finale, there's a good chance that ratings for This Is Us will be at an all-time high. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this week's episode attracted 11 million fans, the highest for this season. This vaulted This Is Us over CBS's hit show, Bull, and means the finale could be the highest watched show on the Tuesday night slot.

Fans can watch Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, and the rest of the cast in the season finale of This Is Us Tuesday night on NBC. Check out a preview below.

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