‘Passengers’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Reason To Stay To The End Of The Deep Space Mystery Movie?

Viewers who see Passengers will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene that makes it worth staying for all of the one hour and 53 minutes of outer space suspense.

The movie, which shows Jennifer Lawrence and Christ Pratt on an interspace journey where they are awoken 90 years too soon, is one of three major Christmas weekend releases vying for moviegoers. The movie has seen the benefit of a major marketing push from Sony and stars two of the most bankable stars in the industry right now.

But there are still questions as to whether Passengers has an after-credits scene that would keep moviegoers in their seats until the very end. For those not familiar, the after-credits scene is usually one or two minutes long at most and appears once all the credits have ended. This scene is common among action and adventure movies — and has become a standard in the superhero genre, with Marvel offering one in every movie — and often offers some final insight on an unresolved plot line.

With Passengers playing out as an outer space mystery about why the two travelers were awoken early, there was plenty of speculation as to whether an after-credits scene might be inserted to give some final closure or clear up any lingering plot lines.

Warning: Potential Passengers spoilers ahead!

So, does Passengers have an after-credits scene?

While there is not yet any official indication, all signs point to no. So far, none of the film’s reviews have tipped off viewers to remain in their seats, and a New York Times review that mentions some after-credit dread for moviegoers doesn’t actually mention a scene after the credits. Both major websites that spill these spoilers, Media Stinger and AfterCredits.com, list no information on any after-credits scenes in Passengers.

With the suspenseful nature of the movie, a final scene may have made sense. As Cleveland.com movie reviewer Michael Heaton noted, the plot mystery of what awoke Preston (Pratt) is complicated by his decision to bring another passenger out of slumber.

“After a year of soul-shattering loneliness, Preston comes upon the see-through hibernation pod of the lovely Aurora Lane, played by Jennifer Lawrence. He looks up her profile in the ship’s information file. She’s a writer. He reads her work. He falls in love with her. She’s his sleeping beauty.

“Eventually, he begins to struggle with the decision to waken her from her slumber. If he wakes her, she will die before reaching the promised land of Homestead II. This was the plan for which she originally signed on.”

This plot twist — which seems to vary from how the movie was marketed as a mystery about the two passengers apparently waking up on their own — has led to some mixed reviews and light criticism of the movie as promoting misogyny.

Even with some mixed reviews, this is expected to be a large holiday audience for Passengers, which will be competing with other new releases Assassin’s Creed and Sing for viewers over Christmas. The Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt project is expected to make $26 million over the weekend and a total of $39 million when factoring in its Wednesday release, the Wrap reported.

So while all signs point to no after-credits scenes in Passengers, moviegoers will get at least one advantage — an early jump to the exits once the credits start to roll.

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