WWE News: WWE Discussing The Idea Of AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe At ‘WrestleMania 33’

WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles may be at the top of his game this year, but a friend of his is also having the year of a lifetime and could be ready to hit the main roster soon to take on his former TNA brother, and that man’s name is Samoa Joe. AJ Styles will, of course, take on Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin on WWE SmackDown Live next week from Chicago, Illinois.

It is expected to be a huge event, but Styles most likely will retain and head into The Royal Rumble to face a major name. It is rumored that he will take on The Undertaker at the event, but this has not yet been confirmed. WWE does want to move John Cena into the title picture again as well, but it is unlikely that they would have AJ face Cena at The Rumble because most would assume WWE would never let Cena win his 16th World Title there over WrestleMania, or at the very least, WWE SummerSlam.

Regardless of who he will face at The Royal Rumble, he will reportedly be heading into WrestleMania 33 as the WWE World Champion. As of now, the rumor is that John Cena will take on The Undertaker in perhaps Taker’s last match with the WWE. This means both men would be out of the title picture come WrestleMania, and that leaves no one left for AJ Styles to face at the event.

AJ Styles James Ellsworth
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Well, that is what you would assume, right? According to PWInsider, WWE is in serious discussions about having AJ Styles face Samoa Joa at the event. They could have this match without the WWE World Championship up for grabs if they did want to have the title contested in the Undertaker/Cena match, of course. That said, even if they did not have a title involved, the idea of a match between these two on such a stage would be amazing to see.

Samoa Joe has been down in WWE NXT for almost two years now. He is the first man ever to win two NXT Championships, and he was the man who ended Finn Balor’s run with the title. Samoa Joe has become a monster down on NXT, and what he has accomplished there has been nothing sport of spectacular all year long. His matches were top notch, and every rivalry was great as well.

If we were to put Samoa Joe with AJ Styles, sparks would fly for darn sure. Fans everywhere love both men and always wanted them in WWE when they were part of TNA Wrestling for years. Everyone kept saying they wanted better for them and a bigger stage for both men to show how good they truly are. There is no better place for them than the WWE at this point in their careers, and there is no bigger stage in pro-wrestling than WrestleMania itself.

Samoa Joe Finn Balor
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No one thought either man would even get as much as an opportunity to work with WWE, and now the two of them could possibly work together at WrestleMania 33. No one is going to complain about that idea at the end of the day. The question is, how will WWE set it up? As of now, Samoa Joe has yet to debut on the main roster. He is actually out recovering from nagging injuries right now, but he is expected to take part in the Royal Rumble match.

From there, he will end up on WWE SmackDown Live, which makes total sense. WWE RAW is already stacked, so having another big name head to the blue brand would be better for them. Plus, Samoa Joe fits in as a wrestler and not as much of an “entertainer,” similar to AJ Styles, although both men are very entertaining with what they bring to the table. A match between both men would be a dream WrestleMania match. That said, we hope WWE goes from discussing this to making it the concrete plan, with or without the WWE World Title on the line.

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