September 7, 2017
Thomas Gibson Fans' #NoHotchNoWatch Boycott Of 'Criminal Minds': Nine Reasons Why The Protest Continues

When Thomas Gibson was terminated from Criminal Minds, some fans revolted. They took to twitter with and organized a protest under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch. They signed petitions, and they wrote letters. Most importantly, they stopped watching and encouraged others to do so as well, apparently with some success.

What would make Criminal Minds fans rise up against their favorite show? #NoHotchNoWatch protesters previously loved Criminal Minds, but now, they are expressing powerful feelings of disappointment and frustration. Why? Here are some answers from #NoHotchNoWatch.

1. Thomas Gibson Fans Felt Gibson Was Treated UnfairlyThomas Gibson and Criminal Minds fans who participate in #NoHotchNoWatch feel Thomas' termination was unfair and senseless. They claim Thomas was a loyal employee of CBS and ABC who was bullied and did nothing wrong.

2. Criminal Minds' Seemed To Have A Dedicated Actor In Thomas GibsonThomas Gibson had a tremendous work ethic. #NoHotchNo watch often cites that Gibson appeared in every single episode of Criminal Minds from the episode 1 of season 1, until episode 2 of season 12 when he was terminated. Thomas Gibson valued punctuality and was always on time. Thomas showed tremendous dedication and was passionate about Criminal Minds.3#NoHotchNoWatch Consider Thomas Gibson A FriendThomas Gibson of Criminal Minds always has time for fans. Gibson replies to them on Twitter, and they feel they know him. He's not just a silent idol, and he is a friend to them. He appreciates the support of #NoHotchNoWatch, which started out under other hashtags like #SupportThomasGibson.4. Thomas Gibson Fans Accept His Version Of The Story

[embed][/embed]#NoHotchNoWatch protesters trust Thomas Gibson. They believe Gibson's version of what happened on the set of Criminal Minds, which isn't all that different from Virgil Williams' version. According to the Inquisitr, it was a question of intent, not of action. Williams claims Gibson kicked him as Williams brushed past Gibson, according to TV Line who quoted Thomas on the topic.

"[Virgil Williams] started coming towards me. As he brushed past me, my foot came up and tapped him on the leg."
On the Criminal Minds set, Thomas Gibson and Virgil Williams had a minor disagreement about a single line in the show, which erupted into two verbal altercations, as explained by the Inquisitr and TV Line. The alleged kick was blown out of all reasonable proportions, according to #NoHotchNoWatch and #SupportThomasGibson.5. #NoHotchNoWatch Doesn't Like Watching Criminal Minds Without HotchCriminal Minds is ruined because Thomas Gibson is not on it anymore, according to #NoHotchNoWatch, because without him Criminal Minds doesn't even make sense.

That might sound strange, except that when Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds prior to season 4, producers were afraid of just that. They were sold on the idea Mandy Patinkin was the only one who could lead the BAU.

6. #NoHotchNoWatch Remembers CBS Unfair Firing of A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster

Criminal Minds cast Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler and A.J. Cook
Criminal Minds cast Paget Brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, and A.J. Cook [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Thomas Gibson was not the first to be terminated from Criminal Minds. Producers apparently became convinced that casting changes made no difference since no fans were ever upset that Patinkin was no longer on the Criminal Minds. Quora quotes Paget Brewster about her ouster from Criminal Minds years ago.

"A.J. and I were fired. [Someone from] CBS had just called Ed Bernaro and said, "I want new women." So we were fired, the fans were upset, there was a petition…"
The unfair dismissal of A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster shows the unfair policies this cast have allegedly been subjected to. Fans believe it is happening again, and this time it was accompanied by a smear campaign to justify the arbitrary firing. Audience protests worked the first time, so why not now?

7. Thomas Gibson's Reputation Was Unnecessarily Attacked According To #NoHotchNoWatch

#NoHotchNoWatch is offended at the studio's attempt to paint Thomas Gibson the villain in the Criminal Minds altercation. The publicity around his high profile termination from Criminal Minds could be harmful to Thomas Gibson's reputation and career. Normally, such dealings are kept confidential. Initial publicity felt like a smear campaign to #NoHotchNoWatch.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds [Image by Francois Durand/Getty Images]


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8. Thomas Gibson Is A Hero To Fans

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds is their hero as Aaron Hotchner, and after 12 years on the show, Gibson has become inextricably iconic to the show itself. In the minds of his #NoHotchNoWatch fans, one cannot have Criminal Minds without Hotch. It's like eating a vegan steak, or guacamole without avocados. It can't be done, and even if it could, it shouldn't be done.

9. Firing Thomas Gibson Is Hurting Criminal Minds Quality And Ratings

Some #NoHotchNoWatch protesters care about Criminal Minds and feel the unnecessary loss of Thomas Gibson will be a death knell for the show. Many are simply trying to warn management at ABC and CBS they need to rehire Gibson before it is too late. They protest in the best interest of Criminal Minds.

Without Thomas Gibson, Criminal Minds ratings are down, and fans are protesting under #NoHotchNoWatch.

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