Park Shin Hye: K-Drama Actress Talks Embracing Natural Beauty Over Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye believes confidence is a vital key to success. The South Korean actress has been the brand ambassador of Mamonde since 2014. Park Shin Hye said many choose to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their beauty, however, according to Asian One, Park believes it is important to be at peace and confident with one’s looks in this appearance-driven society.

“Some people opt to undergo surgery to enhance their looks. But it’s important to be confident with the way you look.”

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Park said all women should be comfortable in their own skin and shouldn’t dare conceal their natural beauty with heavy make-up. The Hallyu star has repeatedly refuted claims of plastic surgery. Former co-stars and others who have previously worked with her, including Royal Tailor director Lee Won Suk, have been very outspoken of her natural beauty.

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Park Shin Hye reveals secrets to success and beauty. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

The 26-year-old actress stopped by Kuala Lumpur to launch Mamonde’s inaugural Flower Day. The day was dedicated to honoring the beauty in people and nature. Mamonde’s Flower Day is an annual celebration held in October. The skincare brand was introduced in South Korea in October of 1991.

“While make-up helps to enhance one’s features, too much of it tends to hide a person’s features. Less make-up is better and it’s always better to let your natural beauty shine. Essentially, be happy with your appearance.”

Regarding the secret to her good skin and toned figure, the Korean beauty stays in shape with moderate exercise and by leading a generally healthy lifestyle.

“To avoid feeling sluggish, I workout and attend pilates classes daily. Due to my hectic work schedule, I hardly have enough sleep and my skin tends to look dull. Facial masks are my savior as it helps to brighten and hydrate my skin.”

Shin Hye broke into the South Korean entertainment circuit scene in 2003 with her debut, Stairway to Heaven, a Korean drama. She’s received acclaim for her leading roles in Korean TV series You’re Beautiful, Flower Boys Next Door, and Heartstrings, as well as movies like Evil Twin, The Royal Tailor, and Brother.

In 2015, the Brother actress was also included in Forbes’ list of the “40 Most Powerful Celebrities in South Korea.” South Koreans recently chose Park as its “Nation’s Little Sister.”

On November 23, Park Shin Hye uploaded a post on her Instagram account that said, “Cold Play [ticketing] fail… I want to go…”

This seemingly mundane post received a lot of negative comments. Many fans accused the actress of begging for tickets. One commenter wrote Shin Hye knew if she asked for tickets, a fan would get them for her. According to the International Business Times, another Instagram user wrote she was just another celebrity begging for free gifts from fans. The Instagram post was removed following the major backlash.

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More recently, the South Korean actress was also inducted into the Philanthropy Club of Korea Food for the Hungry International in November of 2016. She supported the organization’s efforts by donating 100 million won (at least $85,000 USD) in a donation to fight world hunger. Shin Hye has been a goodwill ambassador for the charity organization since 2011 and has been focusing on helping those in need through the Starlight Angel Project. The organization is named after her fan club.

Upon receiving the honor, Hye said she felt like she didn’t do enough. Park Shin Hye said she would donate more of her time to charity, so she will better fit her newly given philanthropist title, according to the International Business Times.

Park Shin Hye’s comedy film Brother was released in South Korean theaters in late November and has been getting awesome reviews.

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