WWE News: WWE Superstars Bayley And Sasha Banks To Get Separate Major ‘WrestleMania 33’ Matches

WWE Superstars Bayley and Sasha Banks have had a big 2016 with WWE already, but it appears that their 2017 will include some interesting WrestleMania 33 matches that could land both on the WrestleMania moment list. Every year WWE Superstars try to create these moments through major actions such as an amazing promo, a great match, or possibly, a run-in with a celebrity. Regardless of how it is done, this lands them on a list with major WWE Superstars and Hall of Famers.

Everyone wants to create these moments, but before they can, they have to actually take part in WrestleMania to do so. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks deserve to take part in this event, but the question is who they will wrestle against? The original reports for the event had them facing each other to give WWE fans an amazing match that would recreate some of their excitement from the WWE NXT days.

Now we know, according to Cageside Seats, that the original plans have shifted for the two top female performers. Instead, they will have separate matches at WrestleMania. The plan, as of now, is to have Bayley defeat Charlotte Flair for the WWE Women’s Championship at the event. WWE will be hyping up Charlotte’s PPV record for the upcoming months by having her not only add to it but talk it up on television.

Bayley Charlotte Flair
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The “Queen of PPV” line was added as not only a dig at the UFC and Ronda Rousey, who was once called this, but it is also being done to hype up Charlotte as an unstoppable wrestler who cannot ever be defeated when it truly counts. Going into WrestleMania 33, the idea would be that she would go for her twenty-first straight singles win over Bayley.

WWE would like to put Bayley over in this match to not only shock the world by defeating Charlotte but to also begin the push for her to become the top female babyface in the WWE. It has been a foregone conclusion for years now that due to Bayley’s connection to WWE fans, she will eventually become the top babyface in the female division whether WWE wants her to or not.

That said, WWE does not want to stand in her way and wants to embrace her connection with the WWE fans so that they can profit off of her in as many ways as possible. Naturally, this would be the idea for a business, but there have been times when WWE simply did not want to be attached to certain people, which resulted in a fan revolt until they got what they wanted. Daniel Bryan anyone? Obviously, with WWE being behind Bayley, this won’t be an issue.

Sasha Banks SummerSlam
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The win over Charlotte Flair will hopefully launch her to the top position right away and eventually make her THE babyface for the women. There have been many analysts and people within WWE who believe Bayley could even become a bigger star with kids and families than John Cena if you can believe it. UFC never thought Ronda Rousey would be their top star for a while, but it did happen, so we should not be surprised if this occurs; especially with Cena going into more of a part-time role.

On top of Bayley however, WWE does not want us to forget about Sasha Banks. WWE realizes that while they do want to put Bayley over, they also want to make sure Sasha Banks is given something big too. Cageside Seats also reports that Banks is set for a major match at WrestleMania as well. Sadly, there is no word on who it is going to be with as of now. Banks will be working a program with Nia Jax for a bit, but once that rivalry is done, it will be the perfect time for another rivalry during the WrestleMania buildup.

There are many who believe WWE will bring a past legend back for Banks to face at the event such as Lita. While Trish Stratus would be the perfect person for this, she will still be pregnant at this point and unable to take part in the match. It remains to be seen who they give her, but as of now, it is believed that her opponent is not on the current WWE RAW roster.

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