Ha Ji Won Reveals Thoughts About Pursuing Hollywood Career In Interview For Latest K-Movie ‘Life Risking Romance’

After more than two decades working not only in Korean entertainment but in Chinese entertainment, Ha Ji Won is still going strong. Considered one of the most-respected veterans on both the silver screen and small screen, Ji Won’s acting credentials list very notable movies and dramas. Some examples of the former include The Huntresses and Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Some examples of the latter include her breakout role in Secret Garden and Empress Ki. To understand just how solid Ha Ji Won’s career is, her last K-drama role, The Time We Were Not In Love, was a flop plagued by so many scandals and controversies, including the trailer being allegedly plagiarized and the writers constantly changing, yet it did not affect her.

With her popularity and so many years put into her career, it is only natural for many fans to wonder whether Ha Ji Won will make the jump to Hollywood. Many other Korean stars with similar accolades as Ji Won have done it such as Rain (Taejo Togokahn in Speed Racer, Raizo in Ninja Assassin, and Mark in The Prince) and Lee Byung Hun (Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, T-1000 in Terminator Genisys, and Billy Rocks in The Magnificent Seven).

The Time That I Loved You 7000 Days Poster

So why not Ha Ji Won? Fortunately for fans, they will now know exactly what Ha Ji Won thinks as she reveals her thoughts about acting in Hollywood during an interview about her latest movie, Life Risking Romance.

The prospects of Ha Ji Won pursuing a career in Hollywood were brought up during an interview with her pertaining to her latest movie Life Risking Romance, as reported by Soompi. Ji Won was praised for her impressive fluency in scenes where she had to converse in English with one of her co-stars, Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin (The Continent, Bad Guys Always Die). Reportedly, Ha Ji Won had been studying a lot of English in preparation for her role and even had her English teacher on set.

“I even had my English teacher alongside me on set. I felt that understanding what was going on would make learning English more interesting.”

Ha Ji Won’s confidence in learning the basics of the English language prompted the interviewer to pursue questions pertaining to expanding her career. Specifically, the interviewer asked if Ji Won would accept a role in Hollywood. Ha Ji Won laughed at the question but still gave the nod she would definitely go if offered a role.

“If the opportunity arises, of course I would go immediately.”

It should be noted that Ha Ji Won is signed on to multiple entertainment agencies depending on where she is working. She is signed on to Invincible Plan for her Chinese endeavors, BM+ Entertainment for her K-drama and K-movie endeavors, and her own agency, Haewadal Entertainment (literally translates to Sun and Moon Entertainment). Yet, there is one entertainment agency Ji Won is signed to that is peculiar, United Talent Agency. It is one of the largest agencies in the world and past reports claim she signed with them for her Hollywood ventures. Since signing with them back in 2013, we have yet to see any Hollywood projects scheduled for Ha Ji Won.

"Life Risking Romance" Official Poster
"Life Risking Romance" is the newest movie Ha Ji Won stars in. Her other lead co-stars are Chen Bolin and Chun Jung Myung. [Image by Opus Pictures]

For those who do not know about Ha Ji Won’s latest movie Life Risking Romance, it is a movie about a mystery novel writer named Je In or Jane Han (Ha Ji Won) who chases after a serial killer with her longtime friend Rok Hwan (Chun Jung Myung) who is a detective. While in pursuit of the serial killer, they come across a mysterious and handsome man named Jason (Chen Bolin). We are unsure if Bolin is friend or foe, but it seems that upon meeting him, everything goes in a more comedic direction.

Life Risking Romance just released at the Korean box office on Thursday, December 15 KST but can be viewed internationally via pay-per-view on OnDemandKorea. For those interested in watching more from Ha Ji Won, her second-to-the-last movie, The Huntresses, is available to view for free, with ads, exclusively on DramaFever. As for her last K-drama The Time We Were Not In Love, it is available to watch in its entirety on Viki and on DramaFever by its other title The Time We Were Not In Love, 7000 Days.

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