Denver Broncos Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Bold Predictions For Week 16 Of 2016 NFL Season

Believe it or not, the Denver Broncos, a team that won the Super Bowl just a season ago, are on the verge of missing the playoffs. With only two weeks left in the regular season, they need wins, and that still might not be enough. A team that looked destined to repeat as champs will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season. Game on.

Denver has now lost back-to-back games. The Chiefs, who are on the verge of making the playoffs, might be coming off of a loss, but they have already knocked off the Broncos once this season. Not to mention, that game was played on the road for Kansas City.

If Denver plans on winning out, the offense needs to wake up. The Broncos could only manage three points at home against the New England Patriots in Week 15. They only scored 10 points in a losing effort the week before.

Things might not look good for Denver right now, but a win on Christmas night would go a long way — to say the least.

Fans might be wondering how the Broncos can make the playoffs. Well, according to Broncos Wire, there is still a chance for them to sneak into the postseason.

“If Broncos beat Chiefs, the Bills beat the Dolphins and the Steelers beat the Ravens, Denver will become the AFC’s sixth seed after Week 16.”

“If the Titans beat the Jaguars and the Texans beat the Bengals next week, Tennessee would be the AFC’s sixth seed. If the Titans lose and the Texans win, Denver would be the AFC’s sixth seed. If the Titans and Texans both win, Denver would be the AFC’s sixth seed entering Week 17.”

Of course, Denver will have to take care of business in Week 17 when they take on the Oakland Raiders, a team that has already clinched a spot in the playoffs.

If fans are trying to wrap their heads around the playoff scenarios for the Broncos, then 9NEWS can break it down for them in greater detail.

As for the Chiefs, they are in great shape. After all, they are currently ranked No. 5 in the AFC standings. Denver comes in at No. 9.

Now that the playoff implications have become known, let’s unleash some bold predictions for this all-important AFC West clash.

Denver vs. Kansas City
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Von Miller Is Good For Two Sacks

As NFL fans likely already know, Von Miller is a beast. Not only did he win the Super Bowl MVP last season, but he is currently second in the league in the sack department with 13.5.

With that in mind, Miller hasn’t recorded a sack since Week 13. Of course, Kansas City and Denver already met up once this season, and Miller had himself quite the performance as he racked up three sacks in that outing alone.

While Miller likely can’t carry Denver to a victory by himself, a big performance out of him would certainly go a long way.

Kansas City Chiefs
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First Team To 17 Points Wins This NFL Showdown

Seventeen points might sound a bit low to some fans, but it is important to keep in mind how stingy both teams are on the defensive side of the ball.

The Broncos’ defense is only giving up 18.4 points per game, which is good enough to rank them at No. 4 in the NFL in that category. The Chiefs aren’t too far behind at No. 8. They are allowing 19.6 points per game.

With that in mind, Kansas City won the first battle by the score of 30-27, and that’s exactly why they are called bold predictions.

Denver Broncos
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Denver’s Offense Comes Alive In The Fourth Quarter, Broncos Take Down The Chiefs

The Broncos have the talent to not only make the playoffs but make a serious run in said playoffs as well. They were 4-0 at one point in the season, after all. Kansas City has been one of the best teams in the NFL, and this squad has the 10-4 record to prove it. Side note: Only three teams have a better record than the Chiefs.

It’s now or never for teams like Denver, so either the offense — and the team in general — comes alive now, or it will simply be watching the playoffs from home this year.

Look for the Broncos’ offense to find a spark in the fourth quarter, which will lead to Denver taking this showdown on the road. If Denver can’t pull off the victory against one of the best teams in the NFL, then Kansas City will lock up a playoff spot.

The real fun begins in Week 16.

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