‘The Division’ DLC ‘Survival’ Launches On PlayStation 4 After Month-Long Exclusivity, PS4 Pro Support Also Enabled

PlayStation 4 agents of The Division can now brave a harsh blizzard in an effort to reach the center of the map in the “Survival” DLC. After a month of only being available on PC and Xbox One due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, the latest piece of downloadable content is now live on PlayStation 4. The new mode, also entitled Survival, features both PvE and PvP versions where 24 players all work toward the center of the map while fighting off Hunters, the elements, and other obstacles.

Once again, agents will find themselves victim to a helicopter crash when starting the “Survival” DLC. Players that enter the mode are left with no protective clothing, their skills are disabled, they have no med kits, and a strong winter storm threatens them constantly. They must scavenge, seek out heat, and find shelter to survive on the way to the Dark Zone according to the official game website.

“You’ll have to scavenge for food, weapons, water, drugs and clothes, all the while trying to finish your assigned mission – find the rumored antivirals to the Green Poison virus deep in the Dark Zone and extract them.”

As they work their way to the center of the map, players will find helpful pieces of clothing to help resist the cold. They are also able to craft their way back to being able to use their skills while defeating or avoiding hostile enemies. In PvE, players will have to contend with a number of NPCs throughout the map singling agents out. In the PvP version, players will have to worry about NPCs and other players attacking them.

Of course, in PvE, nearly all of the 24 players are in it for themselves. Their efforts to reach the center and a higher Survival score will keep other players from doing as well since items are finite in the short-term mode. Luckily, content in “Survival” is completely optional and no items are exclusive to the mode. This should come as good news to those wishing the mode was a little more personal and, perhaps, permanent. Players are always tasked alongside a number of other players, there is no group-only or solo mode, and the session will always only last two hours.

Scoring higher on the “Survival” mode boards is done so by surviving longer, fully extracting, defeating enemies, and completing other milestones. These accomplishments reward the player with more caches upon completion. The items contained in these caches will be given to the character’s normal play state and cannot be used in Survival. Each time a player enters the Survival mode, a new session is started and they must start over from scratch.

Players have to craft helpful items to survive the new mode

In addition to the “Survival” DLC’s release on PlayStation 4, The Division is now updated with PS4 Pro support. As stated on the official website announcement, PS4 Pro support includes a higher resolution for the game and better framerates. These enhancements not only make the title look better on PS4 Pro systems, but will also improve The Division on standard PlayStation 4 systems as well.

Although PlayStation 4 players have been enjoying the 1.5 update since late November, the release of “Survival” is the latest new content to come to the game in general. As the Inquisitr reported, 1.5 introduced World Tier five, launched new armor pieces, included the debut of the FrontLine set, and much more.

Seeking out heat sources, shelter, and protective clothing is crucial to survival [Image by Ubisoft]

With the 1.5 major base patch and the “Survival” DLC now released on all systems, players of The Division still have one more DLC to anticipate as part of the season pass. “Last Stand” is now expected to release in early 2017 after the 1.4 update pushed back the release dates of “Survival” and “Last Stand.” Like the previous DLC releases, PlayStation 4 players of The Division will have to wait for at least one month before “Last Stand” releases on their console after it launches on PC and Xbox One.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]