‘The Bachelor’ Danielle Lombard: Get To Know Contestant On Nick Viall’s Season

Danielle Lombard (Lo) will be a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor 2017. The small business owner from Los Angeles will be one of 30 women competing in Season 21. Like the rest of them, she’s excited to be one of the cast members in the hopes that she’ll find love on the show.

Interested in learning more about Danielle Lombard? Get a glimpse into who she is and what the season looks like for her. Detailed spoilers won’t be revealed here, but links to spoilers will be provided in case the suspense becomes too much!

According to ABC’s bio on Danielle Lombard, the long-haired brunette is 23 years old and is 5 feet 5-inches tall. It wasn’t long ago when she opened her own business and is very proud to say in her profile that it’s her greatest achievement to date. She might add being a contestant on The Bachelor 2017 is also an incredible achievement. Not many women out there can say that.

In cast details released by Reality Steve, he informs readers that she tends to go by “Danielle Lo,” but it’s unknown if she’ll be called by name in that manner on the show. She’s on ABC’s roster as Danielle L. because another Bachelor contestant in Nick Viall’s season has the same first name, Danielle M.

Steve notes in his blog that Danielle Lo sells ice cream and does a lot of bikini and lingerie modeling. She also gets hired for club promotions.

Lombard was Miss HIN 2016 (Hot Import Lights). A video of her being interviewed is seen below.

On ABC’s bio page of the contestants, ABC asked Danielle what fictional character she’d like to be. She names one of the characters from Scandal.

“Olivia Pope! Beautiful, powerful, strong and intelligent. Gladiators in suits,” Lombard said.

The Bachelor contestant’s favorite all-time book is 5 Languages of Love! She likes it because it’s about “discovering yourself, your relationship needs. It’s beneficial in all relationships (friends, lovers, co-workers).”

The entrepreneur shares that she admires Chrissy Teigen because she’s “gorgeous, strong willed, and unapologetically herself. She and John Legend are couple goals!”

The Bachelor 2017 contestant, Danielle Lombard. [Image by Mitch Haaseth/ABC]

Danielle Lombard admits that the most outrageous thing she’s ever done was climb on a cliff then swing from a rope over a waterfall before jumping into the water. The danger sign read “Locals Only,” but The Bachelor contestant confesses “we did it anyways.”

In case anyone is curious about whether Danielle has tattoos, she reveals that she has a lotus on the back of her neck and one butterfly on the back of both of her ankles.

Lombard’s favorite movies are A Walk to Remember, Love Actually, and The Notebook.

What are some other facts about Danielle Lombard?

Danielle Lombard meeting Nick Viall on The Bachelor 2016. [Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]

Danielle Lo was also part of an online show called Roll Models, which followed the lives of import models and go go dancers in Orange County, Reality Steve revealed.

Several images of Danielle can be found online and it’s apparent she’s a successful model with no shortage of work. The last several Bachelor seasons have featured a lot of women in the modeling business. Nick’s season will fit right into that mold.

Without giving too much away, Danielle Lo has a dramatic moment with Nick Viall on The Bachelor. More about those spoilers can be learned in the Inquisitr article here.

Will she find what she’s looking for in Nick on the show? In less than one month to go before the first episode, viewers will get to tune in and watch Nick’s fourth journey in search of love.

Watch Danielle Lombard on The Bachelor 2017 when it premieres on January 2, Monday, on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]