‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spoiler Alerts

TheSons of Anarchy “Ablation” episode is slated to be filled with both fast-action and emotional drama. The last episode of the hit show ended with two accidents. Jax and Chibs were run down on their motorcycles but appeared relatively unscathed. Gemma and the babies riding in her back seat might not be quite as fortunate.

Spoiler alerts offered by Buddy TV indicate that the biker grandma and the adorable children survive but do wind up in the hospital. If the SOA spoilers are accurate, Clay comes to his estranged wife’s aid and covers for her with Jax and Tara. By “cover,” the spoiler tidbit presumably has something to do with not telling her son and daughter-in-law that she was toking on a joint before getting behind the wheel.

Whether or not Clay’s act of kindness could lead to a reconciliation between the two remains to be seen. But the old guy is sure trying his hardest to melt Gemma’s cold glare. If, and more likely when, Gemma finds out that Clay is behind the home invasions, getting arrested will be the least of his worries.

After the initial drama-filled first minutes, the episode takes a very dark turn, if spoiler alerts are accurate. A member of SAMCRO is allegedly taken hostage, and people die before the credits roll.

Frankie Diamonds is slated to reappear in Charming. He allegedly puts several lives in danger upon his return. Juice and Clay reportedly bond in an unexpected way. The grieving Eli allegedly offers Jax a deal. If Jax gives up those responsible for the home invasion which resulted in the death of Eli’s wife, the law enforcement officer will reveal the name of the rat inside the motorcycle club. Bonds will get tested and alliances broken, according to the Hollywood Hills spoilers.