‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shocking Death Leaves Big Question — Who Killed The Rapist?

General Hospital spoilers state that there are a few suspects for the murder of Tom Baker. As viewers know, the writing was on the wall when it came to Tom Baker. As Liz’s rapist and an all-around horrible guy, Baker had a few people hot on his trail, but it was still a shock when he was found dead. The big question is now, who killed Tom Baker? There’s a ton of people in Port Charles that have enough of a motive to do the deed.

Celeb Dirty Laundry lists a few people who could have killed Tom Baker based on different motives, but there’s one character who makes the most sense and that’s Franco. While there’s a lot of people hovering over this one death, Franco definitely makes the most sense because of his history with Tom Baker.

General Hospital spoilers
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According to General Hospital spoilers via Blasting News, Franco was very vocal about wanting to take down Tom Baker because of what he did to Liz. While Liz had her reservations about Franco defending her honor after Tom had raped her, it seemed like Franco had made up his mind about threatening Tom. Mostly, Liz was worried about Franco ending up in Pentonville.

That said, there’s a catch. Rumors are circulating that Franco isn’t the person who killed Tom Baker even though he was arrested. Instead, he might be framed for the murder by someone close to him. That said, Franco isn’t entirely innocent because he did lock him in a dog cage, complete with a shock collar. This kind of treatment will definitely come back around to bite him.

General Hospital spoilers
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General Hospital spoilers suggest that the person who sets Franco up is his insane mother. Heather is said to be the person behind the setup. It’s said that while she is rumored to be the person who kills Tom, her actions really have nothing to do with Tom. Instead, this is her way of punishing Franco for recording her conversation and subsequent confession of attacking Bobbie and Lucas. This, of course, led to her lockdown, so as far as Heather is concerned, Franco is the reason why her life is ruined.

To make matters worse, Franco also told his mother what he truly thinks of Tom, and his intentions to make his bloody corpse a piece in his latest art exhibition, so that’s all Heather really needs to use against Franco. Not only can she set him up, but she can frame it so it specifically points to Franco’s doing.

General Hospital spoilers warn that although there’s a strong case that Heather set Franco up, she might not have killed Tom Baker. It’s suspected that Seth might have killed his brother Tom. Seth might have known that Tom raped Elizabeth, and if he does, odds are he’s not exactly proud of Tom’s behavior. His motive for possibly killing his brother: He simply doesn’t want to be bothered with all the trouble that Tom is causing the family. It’s also said that he might have accidentally killed him during a heated exchange.

The next suspect listed is Nikolas Cassadine, which would be a truly shocking twist. Viewers definitely think that Nikolas is still alive, even though he hasn’t been featured in Port Charles in some time. His motive makes sense, as we know that Tom Baker blackmailed the love of his life, Emily. If he found out that Tom was finally out of prison, he might have returned to Port Charles to make things right.

What do you think about the latest General Hospital spoilers? Do you think Franco killed Tom Baker, or did his mother actually, have a hand in the gruesome murder?

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