December 20, 2016
Kristen Doute On Leaving ‘Vanderpump Rules’: Asks People To Stop Calling Her A Bully

Kristen Doute was fired from SUR years ago, and she's been working on her own clothing line since leaving the show. Perhaps the t-shirts she was selling didn't pay rent, because she quickly decided to try something else. Doute has turned her passion for healthy eating and being a vegetarian into a blog, where she can share recipes and tricks in the kitchen for those who want to live like a vegetarian. However, Kristen is somehow paying the bills even though she's not working at SUR and one can imagine that her Vanderpump Rules paycheck is enough to cover the bills.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she has no plans of leaving Vanderpump Rules even though she was fired from SUR. When James Kennedy was recently fired from the show, the cameras stopped following him as much. He wasn't featured on this week's episode, but Kristen has continued to film the show after getting fired from SUR and breaking things off with both Tom Sandoval and James Kennedy.

"Tonight on #PumpRules I finally get to spill the secret I kept for a month and a half," Kristen Doute revealed on Twitter yesterday before Vanderpump Rules started, hinting of the surprise party that she had been planning for her boyfriend, Brian Carter, but viewers had hoped for something else.

"Gawd I hope it's that you're leaving the show. Best Christmas gift ever," one person wrote to Kristen Doute, who replied with, "There's no Santa."

And it is surprising that Kristen Doute wants to keep filming Vanderpump Rules, as she has been labeled as one of the mean girls on this season of the show. While she didn't get into a heated argument with Scheana Shay during last night's episode, she has proven that she has no problem talking about people behind their backs.

And it sounds like Doute doesn't understand why people are so critical of her, because she says she's doing a television show. While they have all said that it is real life, it sounds like they don't want to be held accountable for their actions.

"Everyone calm the f*ck down. You are watching it on a TV show, you didn't live it. Stop calling us bullies while you troll on social media," Kristen tweeted last night as Vanderpump Rules aired, as she was labeled a bully alongside Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney.

However, viewers have been very upset with how the ladies have been talking about their co-stars this season. Katie, Stassi, and Kristen have been labeled the mean girls, and they have been after Lala Kent this season. And when Scheana decided to take a stand last night, Stassi flipped out. So when Kristen Doute says that fans shouldn't care, they couldn't help but share their rights to be critical of her.

"Don't be in the public eye then if you can't take the criticism! The viewers just call it as they see it," one person wrote, while others added, "oh really Kristen? if everyone was attacking James and Lala that would be fine right?", "maybe you guys should act like you guys actually have a heart then," "No one is editing the words that are coming out of yours, Stassi's and Katie's mouths. You are fair weather friends," "you're right, we weren't there. All we can comment about it what we IS a tv show. Not our lives," and "go live your happy life you and blondie your not part of SUR anymore why even be filmed?"

What do you think of Kristen Doute sticking with Vanderpump Rules for as long as possible? Do you think she's a bully this season or do you think they are faking the drama because they are on a television show?

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Tinder]