December 20, 2016
TNA News: Will TNA Return To Live Pay-Per-View Soon?

While much ado has been made about the WWE over the past year -- and for good cause -- TNA news has mostly slipped through the cracks. Between the power struggles, economic crises, and the potential of a WWE takeover, the latest TNA news reports focused more on their trials and tribulations than on the actual wrestlers. But that's all set to change, as reports suggest that TNA will be back on our television screens soon!

According to Wrestling Inc., the latest TNA news from the company camp suggests that the next live broadcast will come from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and will air live on Pay-Per-View. Unfortunately for fans of TNA, it will be a "One Night Only" event, which means that this may be the one and only time you see TNA live and on the air, but it will be a great way to end out the year and will be a welcome break from all the WWE hoopla that dominated this year.

But what kind of matches can we expect from TNA's return to Pay-Per-View? According to Wrestling News World's latest round of TNA news, international fans of the company can view the show live, as well, if they download the Fite app. And though no matches have been officially announced as of yet, much ado has been made about the fact that this could be the company's "official" return to the airwaves.

Does this mean that it's still a viable contender in the wrestling market?

According to 411Mania, that's far from the case. While the WWE has certainly experienced its fair share of ratings slippage, it's also been the number one wrestling company in the world for a variety of valid reasons: the wrestlers are great, the story lines are solid (if a bit hokey at times -- hello Rusev and Lana and the wedding cake incident!), and their promotional tactics are the best, bar none.

But, according to 411Mania, that's not the case with TNA.

For one, the leadership is always at war with one another. Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter can't agree on anything, which, to be honest, is to be expected, given that one is a sports promoter and one is a rock star.

Second, they take a "month by month" approach to their promotion, which never works out in their favor.

And finally, Dixie Carter doesn't exactly have a good reputation among the wrestling fans.

"Either they get another short-term money bump, Corgan outright takes over, or WWE swoops in last minute and just buys everything on the cheap. Three scary options. All with their pros and cons. Ultimately, it comes down to Dixie Carter and her massive ego. All those reports and stories about her business savvy are now coming to a head. Years and years of mistakes have finally caught up to her, her company, and her DIE HARD (to a fault) fans. Will she take the money from Vince McMahon and and run to her mansion while TNA closes its' doors OR does she swallow her pride, let Billy Corgan take over, and step aside in hopes of 'her' former company succeeding without being at the helm?"
While the future of TNA still seems to be in the balance, this Pay-Per-View event seems to be a sign of good things to come. Either way, we will keep you updated on all of the latest TNA news as it becomes known to us.

[Featured Image by TNA Wrestling]