Dr. Phil Accused Of Exploiting Meth-Addicted Model

Dr. Phil allegedly exploited a meth-addicted model on his show, according to the Independent Journal Review. The 66-year-old TV personality is accused of exploiting model Jael Strauss on The Dr. Phil Show.

In 2007, Strauss worked her way into a spot in the finale on America's Next Top Model and became recognized across the country. Although she didn't win the reality series, her participation in the show served as a launchpad for her modeling career.

But Strauss eventually ruined her modeling career after struggling to battle addiction to crystal meth – and that was, of course, a big story for The Dr. Phil Show. Not only did the addiction ruin her ambitions to become one of the best models, but also played a bad joke on her appearance.

In 2012, Dr. Phil intervened into Strauss' troublesome life by having her on his show as a guest. And while everyone would think her appearance on Dr. Phil's show actually helped the former model get back on her feet as she agreed to seek help and eventually enter rehab, Strauss has another opinion.

When last week TooFab's Brian Particelli decided to get in touch with the since-forgotten model, Strauss revealed the shocking truth behind her guest appearance on Dr. Phil's show and claims the TV personality "exploited" her and other people and their addictions.

"First of all, I was interventioned, meaning I did not have a choice. I do feel that The Dr. Phil Show exploited me and has done that to other people and their addictions."
But Strauss admits that at the same time she feels "an inner conflict" as she knows that the story she shared to Dr. Phil actually helped many people. And the former model says that the number one priority in her life is to "help other people," adding that she wouldn't cancel her appearance on the show even if she had the chance to.

But Strauss also adds that her appearance on Dr. Phil's show was "not voluntary." The former model also said that she is doing much better now and lives in Austin, Texas, where she works at a rehab center.

Strauss also shared that she is "the happiest" she has ever been in her entire life as she been sober for three years and three months. So the fact that she shared her addiction story on Dr. Phil's show wasn't actually a bad thing.

"Not a drink, not a pill, not a joint, not a line, nothing. It's really amazing. It's a huge miracle to still be breathing after what I was up to and I'm so grateful."
Dr. Phil has recently conducted a global investigation to prove a respected doctor named Mark is being catfished online, according to the Mirror. Mark sent almost $1 million to a woman named Kelly Smith, whom he has never met.

The woman has been scamming him out of money for almost six years, but Mark never thought it could be a scam. Dr. Phil even sent a reporter to Nigeria to prove that the addresses the woman gave to Mark have no relation to her.

Kelly told Mark she needed to get her inheritance out of Nigeria, which she claimed is worth over $6 million, which she promised she would split with him. After sending $750,000 to Kelly, Mark was left completely broke.

After Dr. Phil proved to Mark that none of the addresses Kelly gave him exist and the pictures he received from her are showing completely different women, Mark thanks the host and promises he'll "obviously stop sending any money" to her.

But when that episode of Dr. Phil's show aired, a note flashed up on screen from Mark's friend saying that Mark still sent $500 to Kelly once he had recorded the episode with Dr. Phil.

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