Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Take The Fashion World By Storm, Launch Exclusive Antique Jewelry Line

Mary-Kate and Ashley, popularly known as the Olsen twins, became popular child artists when they played the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House, ABC’s famous sitcom. However, although the twins may have seemed destined to become famous actresses, they were always more interested in pursuing fashion design rather than a career in acting.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are in a different league to other child artists who attained stardom by debuting on either Disney or Nickelodeon television shows, as the Olsen twins already had their eyes on the fashion world. In fact, the twins are well-known for their entrepreneurial spirit, which became evident when they established Dualstar, a media company which produced popular movies like Double, Double, Toil and Trouble and How the West Was Fun.

The twins became popular not only for their screen appearances, but also for their influence on pre-teens who buy products like clothes, cosmetics, CDs, games, calendars, footwear, and other franchise based on the twins. As Mary-Kate and Ashley grew in their professional careers, they became more adventurous by designing skirts, sweaters, boots, and sunglasses; catering to both upper and middle classes.

Olsen-designed products are considered to be unique and out-of-the-ordinary as they are truly bohemian in appearance. Later, they designed and launched product lines for retail stores like Walmart and JC Penney. Today, the Olsen twins are considered two of the richest fashion designers in the world, and the sisters have been featured among Forbes’ richest celebrities.

The twins garnered so much wealth over the course of their illustrious career that they were able to buy a luxurious 5,700-square-foot five-bedroom penthouse in New York while they were still in their teens. They’re certainly considered to be prominent personalities in show business and often attend important events in Hollywood. Just Jared reports that Mary-Kate and Ashley joined their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, while attending the Gucci-sponsored 2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala.

A key factor enabling Mary-Kate and Ashley to achieve success in the world of fashion is their ability to understand the needs and wants of their customers. The Olsen twin’s sharp business acumen and brilliant design skills became evident when they introduced their new line of special bags for shopaholics who want a bag large enough to carry items they’ve purchased during a shopping spree. Each twin has designed her own unique carry-bag for just this purpose. Pop Sugar reports that Mary-Kate came up with a leather duffel while Ashley created an oversized crocodile tote.

Over the course of their careers, Mary-Kate and Ashley have designed a number of handbags, now available under the Elizabeth and James brand name. Even though the fashion world is flooded with designer handbags, the Olsen twins have carved a niche for themselves by introducing affordable bags to middle-class people looking for both space and quality.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have most recently ventured into the area of jewelry design. According to W Magazine, the superstar twins have introduced a “hand-selected curation of vintage jewelry” priced between $220 and $4,440 per piece.

Although the pair makes many of their other products available for purchase online, their curated collection of vintage jewelry is only available in store. Mary-Kate Olsen explained why the jewelry range feels like such a personal endeavor for herself and her sister.

“We wanted to offer our customers something unique, so we selected vintage pieces that we thought may be more difficult to find outside of one store.”

The other factor that benefits the Olsen twins is their ability to predict trends in the fashion industry as well as the world around them.

Refinery 29 reports that the twins predicted as early as 2001 that Hillary Clinton would become America’s first female President.

The 2001 issue of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s lifestyle magazine carried an article clearly stating that Hillary Clinton would become the first American female to be addressed as “Madam President.” Obviously in this instance the twins were wrong in their prediction because Hillary Clinton was not successful in winning the election. However, their prediction could well be accurate if Hillary decides to re-run for president in the next U.S. presidential elections.

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]