'Leave It To Stevie' VH1 Show: Stevie's Daughter Said Joseline Hernandez Asked If 16-Year-Old 'Ate Cat' [Videos]

The premiere of Leave it to Stevie on VH1 was the buzz of the Internet on Monday, December 19. As reported by the Inquisitr, Leave it to Stevie is the new reality show featuring Stevie Jordan -- or "Stevie J" as he is better known to reality TV fans. It's the same reality TV show that will feature the DNA test results to determine if Stevie is indeed the father of Joseline Hernandez's baby. However, until that episode airs, scenes like the following, titled "Sade and Savannah Go Through Joseline's Old Clothes," are the ones causing plenty of buzz across social media.

"Sade and Savannah plot to have a garage sale after finding some of Joseline's clothing in their dad's home."
Stevie J.'s daughters had quite the interesting conversation about Joseline after they found her clothes in Stevie's home, and began trying them on and prancing around like the Puerto Rican Princess herself would do. One spoke of needing a hat to complete her Joseline-like ensemble, while shaking around like Joseline might walk. They spoke of Joseline teaching one of Stevie's daughters to twerk as a 13-year-old, and of Joseline asking the other, as a 16-year-old, if she "ate cat," which was Joseline's way of asking about cunnilingus. It was a shocking admission that brought a heated response from people tweeting about the scene on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the other video above, titled "Stevie J Reconnects With His Family And Friends In The Leave It To Stevie Series Premiere," showed Stevie catching up with folks like Young Joc in the barber shop. Joc teased Stevie's barber, saying that he'd pay for Stevie's haircut if the barber would shave a WiFi signal into the back of Stevie's head like the one his barber sported. The barber joked that a woman told him she loved his "hot spot."

"Stevie J's fresh start begins with moving his kids into the house for the summer and heading out on the town with his boys. Find out how Stevie J adjusts to the single life in the series premiere of Leave It To Stevie Mon 12/19 + 9/8c on VH1."
In the meantime, Joc said it was nice to have Stevie around without Joseline, and he asked Stevie about the baby drama with Joseline. Stevie didn't divulge much information, other than asking Joc if Joseline was really big during her pregnancy. Joc said Joseline's pregnancy looked real and not fake. Stevie said he wanted a new Puerto Rican Princess -- and a female barber began dancing around for Stevie. According to VH1, Stevie may have found his new princess during his date with a schoolteacher named Charise.
Stevie called Charise naughty and nice, as if she'd be just what he needed after breaking up with the Puerto Rican Princess. He was very complimentary of her looks as he called himself rusty, not having dated in a period of time. The duo began to talk about their long-term goals, and the teacher of children said that she did not envision herself at the schoolhouse with kids five years from now.
"Stevie, I'm a star."
Charise had a song to sing, and her ambitions put Stevie in mind of Joseline.
"Sweet Jesus, this girl is insane. How did I manage to go from 'Kutty Kat' to 'Banana Basket'?"
Stevie had to admit that his daughter Savannah was correct when she told her dad -- as he planned to go hit the club for "h***" with his son -- that if he kept doing the same thing, he'd keep meeting the same types of women. Therefore, Stevie said goodbye to the teacher, because he didn't want to relive the same "horror flick" that he lived with Joseline.
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