‘Generation KKK’ Trailer: New Documentary Series Sneak Peek Released By A&E On YouTube [Video]

The video titled “Generation KKK: New Documentary Series | A&E” has been released on the A&E YouTube channel, giving viewers a sneak peek look at the series. Before the Generation KKK trailer even begins, it warns viewers that it will explore the hatred of the KKK, and how prejudice is created and nurtured in the U.S.

Generation KKK also comes with the warning that the video has intense language — along with images that can be disturbing to some viewers. As such, A&E warns viewers to be forewarned about the following video’s content.

Uploaded to YouTube around 8:30 p.m. ET on Monday, December 19, the Generation KKK snippet quickly grew in views. The description of the video explained what to expect from the documentary, set to premiere in 2017.

Generation KKK is a new documentary series that follows a network of peace activists as they work to break the cycle of hate in prominent Ku Klux Klan families. See for yourself with a first look at this powerful documentary series, premiering January 10 at 10/9c.”

The video opens with a man bringing gifts to his “girls” — his family members — and when the duo opens the gifts, they reveal the crimson red hoods of the KKK. An overlay of the video announces the fact that the Ku Klux Klan membership is rising for the first time in 40 years.

A little boy seems to salute as he is held in the arms of a woman standing next to a man in a black hood. The Generation KKK verbiage teaches viewers that the KKK has been targeting families and allowing children to join their ranks in order to grow their membership. However, that fact comes with the news that is revealed by the Generation KKK documentary as well: that certain family members no longer want to be members of the KKK.

Generation KKK
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A&E and the Generation KKK makers received unprecedented — not “unpresidented” — access to high-ranking KKK families for the documentary. They’ve balanced those families against the anti-hate leaders attempting to halt the next “Generation KKK” from arising.

The searing and sad image of a Christian cross being soaked in gasoline as a KKK member speaks of being a warrior to preserve their race is shown as another KKK member with a red cross on the face of his KKK hood is shown.

Shouts of “white power” resonate as the 34-year-old Imperial Wizard, Steve Howard, speaks of wanting to be the next David Duke — with claims that the Lord told him to lead people through the cross to Christianity and somehow on to the KKK. Maggie Howard is Steven’s daughter, who cried on camera as she spoke of realizing when she was a little girl that her dad was in the KKK. Maggie said it used to make her feel good in a way — but now it makes her feel weird.

Steven spoke of burning the cross on their own property when they were “robed up” a religious statement — unlike the “calling card” of burning a cross on a black person’s yard, which he said meant that black person was messing up. But he also noted that burning a cross on a black person’s yard could mean 10 years in the federal penitentiary.

A person has to be at least 18 years of age to join the KKK, Steven explains, but notes that he gets around that age limit by teaching a “Junior Klan” how to be great Klansmen and Klanswomen. Blonde hair and blue eyes are “pure Aryan race,” he claims in the video — noting how uncomfortable Maggie is in the video. Maggie said that she’s not like her father at all — with the next scene showing Maggie with her black friends. Maggie said that her dad would kill her if he knew she had black friends.

Generation KKK
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Beth Howard, Maggie’s mother, said that as a 14-year-old, Maggie doesn’t need the pressure from her dad. Meanwhile, Steven wants Maggie to be the first female Grand Wizard.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is founder of One People’s Project, who shows up in Generation KKK to go after the racist right-wing groups, says Jenkins, whose aim is to thwart the KKK with the help of former KKK members.

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