Picture Of Teen Couple Goes Viral And People Are Freaking Out

A picture of a teen couple shared on Twitter has gone viral because of how similar the two teenagers look. Per BuzzFeed, people are "freaking out" because the teen couple looks like identical twins taking a picture together. The picture of the teen couple in question can be viewed below.

Fortunately – for the teen couple – it appears as if a large portion of the individuals who reacted to the picture on Twitter were positive and lighthearted in nature.
Do you think the teen couple in the picture looks identical? It appears as if a large portion of the Internet seems to think so. There were even some people who took to Twitter to express that they did not think the teen couple in the picture look identical.
BuzzFeed reached out to the teen couple in the picture gone viral with the hopes of learning more about the two teens. Per Buzzfeed, Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves – the teens in question – are a 17-year-old teens from Massachusetts. According to the teen couple in the picture, they had recently celebrated their four-month anniversary.

While celebrating their anniversary, the teen couple decided to take picture of themselves together – a selfie – like a lot of young teen couples would do. Then, they decided to post it on Twitter. The teen couple had no idea the now viral picture was going to attract so much attention.

According to Edgar Pareves, people point out that he and his girlfriend, Yamily Vazquez, look alike "all the time". The teen claimed it was something that happened a lot more by strangers than by people who know them.
"In the pictures we take together, people will say that. But usually in our day-to-day life, people have gotten used to it."
Based on their responses, it appears as if the teen couple have gotten used to the fact that a lot of people believe they look alike. The teen couple have brushed it off as a funny joke.

"We did think [the picture] was funny, but it was just like, 'Okay…people are going to say we look alike,' but that's it," Vazquez (the girlfriend) said.

The teen couple had no idea their picture would go viral and get picked up by media outlets across the globe. They, however, claim to be having a good laugh at all the attention they've been getting since they shared the picture on Twitter.

"I don't really think we look that much alike…but there are some similarities, I mean…" said the boyfriend of the teen couple.

"We're not related at all!"
The teen couple in the picture has continued to reassure various media outlets and a number of people who have tagged them on Twitter that they are in no way related to each other. Unfortunately, the teen couple has had to endure some negative reactions on Twitter as some people have questioned whether or not their relationship is appropriate given the two look so much alike "they must be related."
On Twitter, Yamily Vazquez has also talked about how much attention the teen couple has been getting since the picture went viral. The teen has tweeted – multiple times – about how many new followers the teens have acquired by giving updates of how many new followers they have gotten.

The real question is – do you think the teen couple in the picture shared on Twitter that has gone viral look identical? Do you think they could be related? Or, do you think people are just overreacting? Share your thoughts on the picture of this teen couple that has people freaking out with us in the comments section found down below.

[Featured Image via Twitter/Yamily Vazquez]