‘Pokemon Go’ Update Released: Version 1.21.0 & 0.51.0 Features Include Apple Watch App Code

A brand new Pokemon Go update has arrived as of Monday and the latest versions for Apple and Android devices include several fixes. There’s also some revealing tidbits within the newest code related to among the rumored Apple Watch app that some gamers thought was canceled days ago. The newest Pokemon Go update release was expected to occur sometime this week, with Wednesday pegged as the big day, but it appears fans of the mobile game will be able to celebrate a few days early. Here’s a look at what the latest version of the game from Niantic Labs includes in the updated features.

Several days ago, it was reported here at the Inquisitr and other sources that the newest game update would be arriving by mid-week, based on previous Pokemon Go update release dates. There were also recent reports about a possible cancellation of the Apple Watch version of the app which had previously been announced by Niantic Labs. The good news is that the Pokemon game’s latest update includes an indication that the Apple Watch app is probably still on the way, along with other more apparent fixes that were made.

The Apple Watch Pokemon Go app may be coming soon. [Image by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images]

On Monday, the Pokemon Go team informed gamers that they had officially released version 0.51.0 for Android and version 1.21.0 for iOS devices. As the Heavy website reported earlier today, a major bug was fixed with today’s new updated versions. That bug involved devices getting an inaccurate vibration notification that was related to the Nearby Pokemon feature. In addition, the day and night aspects of the game have been tweaked so they more accurately reflect the gamer’s time of day when using the mobile game.

There has already been some speculation that the day and night mode tweaks may indicate a bigger update is on the way. Some gamers are anticipating the Gen 2 Pokemon to be released into the game, and this could very well be a hint that it’s coming soon.

It’s also been noted that there have already been careful searches done through the latest updated version codes to uncover other features. The latest searches have possibly discovered a few additional updates or new features coming. One of these was a piece of code related to the Apple Watch, and the other involves players being able to customize avatars by changing gloves and socks. Beyond that, there has yet to be anything discovered with regards to a special Christmas holiday event related to the Pokemon Go game.

A recent report via 9to5 Mac further elaborates on the situation with the Apple Watch app and it seeming to be delayed. The website notes that Niantic Labs is working on its own wearable devices to go along with the game. The new wearable device called the Nex + Ingress Band looks similar to some of the Fitbit wrist watch-style devices on the market. The slim device allows for a uniquely integrated experience to play the Pokemon Go game. It’s believed that because Niantic is working on this device, it is the reason that the Apple Watch version of the game, or app to go with the game, have yet to be released.

The newest update addressed false vibration notifications for the Nearby feature. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go gamers are also hoping that with less than a week until Christmas Day, Niantic Labs has some special holiday event in store. There were big events for both Halloween and Thanksgiving already. The October Halloween event featured double candy rewards and quadruple distance bonuses. It was said to have brought a huge spike in revenue for the game, which is most likely why Niantic Labs rolled out a Thanksgiving event less than a month later. Now gamers are hoping for Santa (and Niantic) to bring a Christmas themed event their way.

So while a new update has finally arrived for the popular mobile game, it seems gamers will still have to wait just a bit more to get a potential big Christmas event reveal. It also still seems possible that the company could bring a surprise release of the Pokemon Go Apple Watch app before the end of this year, but right now early 2017 seems like a better estimate for the release.

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