DNA Proves Stevie J Is The Father Of Joseline Hernandez’s Baby: ‘LHHATL’ Stars Face Family Drama After Joseline’s Brother And Niece Threaten To Fight

It is official: Joseline Hernandez has Stevie J on the hook for the next 18 years. TMZ reports that Stevie J’s paternity test results were revealed today, and he is the father of Joseline’s baby. The DNA test drama was at an all-time high over the weekend while Stevie and company awaited the results.

Things got so bad that Joseline Hernandez’s brother and her niece responded to Stevie and his daughter Savannah with threats of violence that pretty much ensure that there won’t be any more attempts at peace.

Despite being broken up for most of the last year, it looks like Stevie and Joseline’s spring fling did produce a baby. Now, Stevie and Joseline will be trying to co-parent their unborn daughter, Bonnie Bella, together despite having more trouble getting along now than ever before.

DNA Proves Stevie J Is The Father Of Joseline Hernandez's Baby -- 'LHHATL' Stars Face Family Drama After Joseline's Brother And Niece Threaten Stevie

According to documents, Joseline is due on January 9, and Stevie J says he wants to be in the delivery room when his newest daughter is born. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has also asked that both Joseline and baby Bonnie be tested for drugs because he believes Joseline has been drinking and hitting the crack pipe during her pregnancy. If Stevie gets to be in the delivery room and VH1 cameras are there too, fans are definitely in for a treat.

Things were actually looking pretty good for Stevie and Joseline a couple of weeks back when they posted a sweet reunion video on Instagram and announced the name of their unborn daughter. That only lasted a couple of hours, though, then the video was pulled off social media and Stevie J filed more charges.

Stevie claims that Joseline showed up uninvited to his house after the social media post was made and then freaked out on him because there was another woman there. The Inquisitr previously reported that she initially thought the other woman was her LHHATL nemesis, Tommie Lee. It turns out that Joseline Hernandez’s brother may have been the one to tell her that Stevie and Tommie were hooking up, but that wasn’t the case.

Stevie J dating Faith Evans

It’s unknown who was actually at Stevie J’s house, but the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star recently admitted that he’s been in love with Faith Evans after knowing her for decades. That couldn’t have gone over well with Joseline Hernandez either.

After Joseline was accused of attacking Stevie J at his home, causing damage to his face and eyes, he asked that she be forced to submit to a psych evaluation. That is also when he began asking that she be drug tested again. Stevie also made it clear that he wants visitation with his new baby, but he also said that he wants full custody. Either way, Stevie wants to make sure he gets a spot in baby Bonnie Bella’s life.

He claims that Joseline has threatened to never let him see her and is trying to make a case for parental alienation and has included a message from Joseline to him that said, “You will never see your daughter f*** n****.”

Soon after the altercation, Stevie’s daughter Savannah posted then deleted a few social media messages for the Puerto Rican princess. Savannah promised that once Joseline had her kid, she better not come around her because she was itching to put her hands on Hernandez for what she’s put Stevie J through in the last year.

That didn’t sit well with Joseline Hernandez’s brother or her niece, who have since responded with threats of their own. Joseline’s brother, who has reportedly been filming for Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, has offered to take on Stevie J and any of his sons who want to fight him. Her niece has offered to do the same with Savannah after she threatened Joseline first.

Now that the paternity mystery is over and fans know Stevie J is the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby, maybe the whole family can make peace. That’s asking a lot, considering the amount of drama still going on, but baby Bonnie Bella will be here in just a few weeks. Hopefully, cameras will be rolling so fans can watch this whole mess play out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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