Scientology Struggle: Leah Remini Faces Off Against Tom Cruise And John Travolta

Leah Remini took on the Church of Scientology knowing full well she was going to ruffle some powerful feathers, but that hasn’t stopped her in revealing the truth behind the secretive veil of Scientology. Up until this point, individual members haven’t spoken out on behalf of the Church of Scientology, instead allowing blanket statements to distance Leah Remini from the organization. As the actress turned activist moves forward with her A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, two of the church’s most notable members, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, are stepping up to reject Remini’s accusations.

Leah Remini Is The Devil, According To Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, Scientology

Promoting her A&E expose series on Scientology, Leah Remini appeared on Larry King’s talk show and shared her thoughts on the religion to which she had belonged until her 2013 exodus, reports US Weekly. King, like many of those following Leah’s war on Scientology, was curious to know what Tom Cruise, who Remini had once called a friend, would say to her today.

“He wouldn’t say anything to me, because he thinks I’m the devil,” Ms. Remini said. “He honestly believes … Tom and most Scientologists, all Scientologists, are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil, that we mean them harm.”

In her new series, Leah documents abuses committed by members of the Church of Scientology, including physical abuse, rape, fraud, and theft. While Tom Cruise is a “true believer,” according to Ms. Remini, he’s not blind to the Church of Scientology’s darker side. Remini says Cruise is well aware that the organization actively defrauds its members, but that hasn’t tainted the actor’s belief in the basic tenets of Scientology.

“Tom is a fully dedicated and loyal Scientologist, absolutely,” says Leah Remini.

The former King of Queens actress feels sympathy for Tom Cruise because she feels he’s as much a victim of the Church of Scientology as anyone. She also recognizes herself in Tom.

“I could say that about myself at that time. I didn’t want to look, I didn’t want to believe that what I’ve been involved in my whole life was a lie, that it was damaging and hurting people,” explained Ms. Remini.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath Holds No Interest For John Travolta

John Travolta, Scientology

While Ms. Remini is hoping her docuseries will open the public’s eyes to the abuses committed within the Church of Scientology, E! News reports that one of its chief members is unconvinced that there is anything sinister going on within the organization. John Travolta, who has been a Scientology member for many years, says he has no interest in watching the series and denies anything negative goes on within the religious organization.

“It’s been nothing but helpful to me for 40 years, through all my losses of my mother, my girlfriend, my son,” Travolta said. “They never left my side, so why would I want buy into something that’s not what I feel?”

John did mention that he was shocked by Remini’s decision to develop the documentary series, though he adds that he doesn’t regard Leah with any malice over it. He says he’s happy, as long as no one tries to force him to abandon Scientology.

Likewise, Leah Remini has a fondness for Travolta, though his words about her series must come as a surprise. Having been labeled a “Suppressive Person” by the Church of Scientology, Leah is aware both Tom Cruise and John Travolta are no forbidden from having contact with her.

“They will not reach out to me. They are not allowed to reach out to me,” Leah Remini said. “John Travolta, by the way, is one of the nicest, sweetest people you’re ever going to meet.”

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