‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7B: World War And The Super-Zombie [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7B is coming back on February 12 with the biggest episodes to date with a menacing war that pits three communities against the world’s only know super power – the Saviors.

If there is one thing that fans of The Walking Dead now know about Negan, it’s that he does not take anything off the table when it comes to maintaining control over the communities, which includes Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom. Anyone who has been watching The Walking Dead Season 7 might also know that there is another community, The Beach, that also has an arsenal at their disposal and may just be a part of that war as well.

In the latest AMC trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7B, fans of the show got to see a glimpse of what most have already assumed was going to happen. This is the part of Season 7 where fans finally get to see Rick Grimes rising from the ashes of despair and fighting back against an enemy that threatens all living persons that are left in the region, not just Rick and the core group.

The Walking Dead Season 7B trailer clearly shows that Rick Grimes has finally met with King Ezekiel and been introduced to The Kingdom, presumably through diplomatic terms set forth by Morgan. That may also include Carol, but at this point she has become a wild card and a more likely scenario for her will be to sit out for the next seven episodes and come in at the end and give her people a win at a clutch moment.

Fans of The Walking Dead need to realize that Carol never made it this far in the comic books. Her development since Season 2 has been instrumental and she is as much of a wild card as Daryl Dixon, who was never in any of The Walking Dead comics.

What fans of The Walking Dead get to look forward to in the first few episodes of Season 7B is the rally call. This is where Rick Grimes will be talking with the other groups and devising a plan to defeat the Saviors and take back their independence.

It is also clear that many people, most of all Maggie, want this war to end with the killing of Negan. But those who have read The Walking Dead comic books know that even though Rick and the core groups do get a victory, it does not end with Negan dead. More to the point, The Whisperers have not even shown up on the show yet and Negan plays a key role in regards to their presence on the show.

Season 7B will also be the part of The Walking Dead that introduces the more aggressive tactics that Negan will be using to fight Alexandria and the communities. It is quite distasteful, but Negan will actually militarize some of the zombies, as evidenced at the end of the Season 7B trailer, to use as either a ploy or a weapon against his foes on The Walking Dead.

For those who already watched The Walking Dead Season 7B trailer, then that spiked zombie at the end of it looked like something that could have come out of the Resident Evil franchise. But rest assured, that walker was not a mutant zombie with specially laced DNA engineering. Just remember back to the play-pit that Negan keeps at his compound, the one full of walkers.

No matter what, The Walking Dead Season 7B trailer confirms that the Savior war is about to start and the rest of the season will be devoted to just that. Fans will get to catch the first episodes of The Walking Dead Season 7B this winter on February 12, on AMC.

[Featured Image by AMC]